Autism Is Not Permanent

The symptoms known as autism is not an ‘irrecoverable’ sentence. Autism is merely a neuro-inflammatory condition that can be reversed by a sound immune system, Macrophage activation is at the forefront of this.

Children and adults can return to a completely normal life according to Dr. Marco Ruggiero, founder of Bravo probiotics and Rerum/GcMAF treatment, and an expert in the autistic condition.

“The symptoms of autism can be fully improved.” — Dr. Marco Ruggiero

  • Probiotics stabilise gut: After the consumption of Bravo probiotics, a girl expelled some ‘nasty’ materials according to Ruggiero, the microbes were doing their job.
  • Territorial: Microbes compete for territory in the gut with parasites.
  • Fights Parasite Bunkers: Fermented food creates an acidic environment i.e. probiotic microbial yoghurt, an acidic environment in the gut breaks down biofilms termed as “bunkers” for parasites by Ruggiero. This removal of the “bunkers” allows probiotic microbes to successfully eradicate parasites in the gut.
  • Bravo/Rerum among many tools used by naturopaths to fight disease in body.
  • Gut/Brain link: Microbes colonize your gut, and from there your brain.

The factors to eradicate the symptoms called autism.

  1. Ketogenic Diet
  2. Bravo yoghurt
  3. Rerum/GcMAF
  4. Chelation using Andy Cutler Chelation Protocol

After 2 weeks, if one approach does not work, Dr. Ruggiero suggests switching up the approach.

Paracetamol/Tylenol + Vaccines = Autism

Cuba has had no rise in autism despite vaccinations because they don’t use paracetamol. Also known as Tylenol and Acetaminophen.

Read here for more information.



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