Macron: French Culture Doesn’t Exist

Newly elected French President, Emmanuel Macron is in office, even despite having stated in a bombshell admission that he believes “there is no such thing as French culture”.

It shows France as a country distancing itself from being a country – a definable nation state replete with its own values and traditions, France as a self-governing state is drifting into obsolescence, all by consent, albeit manufactured.

Macron does not serve the nation state, he serves Globalism, and to bring Globalism into reality, distinct cultures must be wiped away.

Macron has showed himself disinterested in French identity as a central, progressive force for constitutional Western values.

Instead, he has shown that he gives preferential treatment to ‘diversity’ and the multiculturalism that even Angela Merkel stated was not working.

The Globalist’s have absolutely no intention of ‘integration’ they have just opened the borders to a vastly incompatible group of people to come and live separate from Westerners, and eventually replace them through sheer numbers, such nonintellectual, politically apathetic people will be easy to control, and will work for much, much less – They will also allow trans-nationalism to take place unhindered, voting in socialist candidates that offer ‘free stuff’

I believe that the staging of various terrorist attacks is used to keep Westerners in fear of trying to change Islamic communities. It is used to separate us, keep Westerners blind and secluded from Islamic cultures. Media is then used to constantly reassure us that these people are innocent refugees, the paradigm is fear/acceptance, the result is a paralysis, a state of confusion that cannot act, the Islamic communities are left unintegrated, accepted, but subconsciously feared simultaneously.

Eventually, Islam will have a foothold so strong and be so populous in Western nations, it will not be challenged, and will easily shape the politics and society enough to irreversibly change Western society as a whole — to a Globalist-Marxist society.

This returns us to the French election. Macron has chosen to ignore the past few years of upheaval with the migrant crisis, the rape chaos in Sweden, the rapes in Germany, the numerous horrific terrorist attacks on French soil — and pursue the narrative that all cultures are ‘equal’ and ‘compatible’ with Western values. That is a dangerous illusion to hold, but Macron and his higher-ups are perfectly aware of this. They are using this knowledge to slowly remove a conservative culture that actually has national identity; Western culture.

Islamic people have a much weaker national identity, and are easier to control as a result; they are being allowed into Europe in their masses on purpose, it is cultural engineering at play, they are a socially ‘protected’ group because they are a group that have the correct thoughts, they must not be integrated at all costs.

But Macron insists on this multicultural narrative, branding anyone who dare question the agenda, “hateful” or “fascist”.

The thing is, the West is not even choosing diversity, it is choosing to erase itself, and replace Western identity with the uncivilised cultures of the mid-east and north Africa. Hence, “White guilt”

Macron is disconnected from the common people. He lives in extreme wealth and would not know a lower-class neighbourhood if he saw one. These are the communities that have been struck hardest by the migrant crisis; and incidentally, were the demographic that most voted for French nationalist, Marine Le Pen, those furthest from the front lines cannot possibly understand the true situation.

Western values will be suppressed and dwindle, while the untouched, unintegrated mid-east culture will thrive seperated; especially with such a prolific birth rate and hardline values compared to the low Western birthrate. Western values will be gone, or mortally weakened within a few decades.

Merkel Admits Multiculturalism Doesn’t Work.

Merkel has said in recent years the so-called “multikulti” concept – where people would “live side-by-side” happily – did not work, and immigrants needed to do more to integrate – including learning German. Despite this, Merkel has done nothing to stem the tide, she perpetuates the crisis. The hidden political hand grips Merkel tightly, she is being forced to go against her personal convictions.

“And of course, the approach [to build] a multicultural [society] and to live side-by-side and to enjoy each other… has failed, utterly failed.” — Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, 2010



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