7 Points For An Autism Cure

#1 Vaccines can cause autism. It may or may not be behind the drastic rise, but 2 people from the CDC has come forward and admitted to it, but the media won’t cover it.

#2 We are over a decade behind on research because the CDC has covered up the link between autism and vaccines for so long. William Thompson is a CDC whistleblower but no mainstream media has picked up the story. Instead of coming clean and demand safer vaccines for Americans we are labeled as ANTI Vaccine or ANTI Science. The mainstream media is so strong at pushing the government’s socialist agenda that my own mother insists I vaccinate my child despite horrible vaccine reactions.

#3 Pharmaceutical bribes our dirty politicians like Senator Pan to pass laws removing vaccine exemptions and George W Bush giving pharma, mercury manufacturer, and doctors liability free vaccines. (actually Sacremento Bee ran an article about how much money is behind our vaccine push)

#4 DNA isn’t the cause or autism. Genetics alone can not be the cause of autism. Too many identical twins exist where one is affected and the other is not, or affected differently.

#5 I’m tired of hearing autism is not curable and that my son’s brain is different and I should accept him for who he is. I love my son more than anything. His reactions to chemicals in America’s low quality foods containing artificial colors, flavors like vanillin and preservatives/stabilizers like polysorbate are tough to accomadate. We do the best we can but some of these things turn my son from mildly autistic to more moderate/severe. If autism isn’t curable then why is it so closely tied to the gut?

#6 Every kid with Autism is different. I know my son does better with probiotics, roughly 50% who tried chelation report it helps their kid. It’s not dangerous, perhaps it’s potentially hazardous and should be done under doctor supervision but dangerous is the wrong word.

#7 Better identification is not behind the rise in autism. 20 years ago there were no autistic children in my school, now they can fill a class and even have special schools dedicated to autism. I had some kids with downs in our school, I’ve even seen a kid required to wear a helmet, but I’ve never seen autism then. Sure there were plenty of shy kids, but they weren’t autistic. Today’s autistic kids can’t be integrated whereas shy kids just didn’t talk much.


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