Population Control By Design

The world is in a state of sexual confusion, the millennial generation is resoundingly the least interested in sexual intimacy — in all of recorded history. This is both because the foundations of attraction between the genders has been severed by design, and the social environment has been tampered with to deter authentic, stable & successful couples from being together.

According to researcher and speaker on the occult (hidden knowledge), Mark Passio; this is a harrowing result of design intended for the population to ‘cull’ itself; a case of backdoor epi-eugenics. This is a topic deliberately avoided in mainstream sources.

One of the case studies used by Passio, which he dubbed the ‘Japanese Intimacy Crisis‘, details how the subversive eugenicist agenda has brought about a strong apathy towards the natural inclination to desire sex, and the partnership that is bound by this natural impulse.

Sexual attraction is chemical, there is no arguing this – many studies attribute chemicals/hormones as the foundation of a ‘chemical romance’ – this scientific reality has been taken and abused by those who seek to guide the outcome of the short, medium and long term eventualities of mankind, this involves manipulating the chemicals in our bodies to bring about a preconceived agenda.

Almost half the population of Japan claims to be disinterested in sexual intimacy. Passio called Japan the ‘testing ground’ of the eugenicists, warning that the same is now mass-occurring in the western sphere far behind the scenes.

Passio states that the deliberate use of feminizing chemicals in the water, food and air is compounded by intricate social campaigns such as the orchestrated ‘new-wave feminist’ & LGBT movements, which has driven up gender homogeneity and sexual confusion on an unimaginable scale, to the point of reduced birthrate and a downturn in social cohesion, I shall go into more detail as follows…

The mainstream scientific perspective, which commands an artificial authority, and as a result, a near-monopoly of sorts on the claim to ‘reputable information’ which people blindly trust and follow, has stated that homosexuality and transsexualism is a normality, and has been suppressed by cultural intolerance throughout history

This claim is patently false, the shift from healthy, naturally gendered sexual orientation to transsexualism is largely chemically induced and then socially encouraged by social engineering campaigns.

The chemical bombardment comes in many forms;

  • BPA in the plastics.
  • Chemtrails.
  • Fluoride and other chemicals in the water.
  • Pesticides.
  • Vaccines.
  • Antidepressants.

The objective is to feminize men, and make women masculine, on top of this the addition of the social engineering will ensure men and women are pried apart. So, with their interactions in tatters, the possibility for intimacy is weakened considerably, women turn to the new provider (the state) for resources that weak men fail to provide in character and material (as the presiding material system is the Federal Reserve/Rothschild banks).

The feminine and masculine principles define reality – he who controls them controls perceived reality.

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