The Plot to Erase History

Original article can be found here.

Take a look at what is happening in Europe. It’s inundated with “refugees”, the direct impact is that Europe’s liberty-founded culture is being radically changed for the worse.

Lawlessness is starting to thrive. Women are being systematically raped, mosques are being built, and churches destroyed, vandalism and disrespect abounds.

Europe’s entire culture is being replaced and it is being allowed out of a misguided and twisted manufactured political correctness; a product of complex social mind control.

Europe’s culture does not conform to ISIS’ unyielding and narrow interpretation of Islam, so it must be replaced. Realize that their intent on a global scale.

Don’t you see that our own citizens are taking away our culture piece by piece with these statue removals?

No telling what will be next, Mount Rushmore? Faceless currency? It bears resemblance to Stalin’s communist state. Well, this in itself opens the door to the one world economy agenda, remove symbols and reminders of civilization, sooner or later civilization will be lost.

These ‘racial’ monument removals are just the beginning of a domino line, it will get incredibly worse. The racial implications are simply a deception to enable it, if we fell for it this time, what will we fall for next?

If we remove our culture, we will quickly forget about what it represents, this leaves the door wide open to tyranny’s grasp.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

— George Santayana

The door is open; it’s all prepared now for radicals to replace genuine history, as flawed and ugly as it is, with their own. Soon there will no longer be an American or western history. Here’s why:

There is a Global Agenda to destroy monuments and to destroy history in the US and Western world, as well as in Syria. Why? It is a New World Order Agenda. Now more than ever the agenda to rewrite history has started. We are duped into thinking this is just a racial divide. It’s not.

The modern westerner stands for nothing, so they fall for everything. Our apathy and tolerance makes us easy targets for manipulators, our widespread reluctance to take a stance and enforce common principles weakens us all.

A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.

— Malcolm X

The deep seriousness of the New World Order removing American history (or the history of any culture) in order to replace it with their own is being missed! The liberals do not see that they are NWO puppets, doing the dirty work for them! Once the older generation that remembers American history die or are removed from society, the NWO can insert their own perverted ideology as ‘history’ to deceive the new generations.

Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.

— Aristotle

This has been attempted once before, equally evil. The evil persons were Adolf Hitler and Stalin. We are being influenced by the enemy of our souls. Look around, see the violence, hatred, disrespect, intolerance. Americans have become angry, whimsical, whining, spoiled, self-indulgent and easily offended, a culture of sensitivity has been forged, the population polices itself, undesirable ‘alternative’ opinions are automatically branded as hateful.


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