The Mass-Migration Influx

Mass migration patterns have happened throughout history, and they have, for better of for worse, influenced the due course and destiny of the affected host nation or region.

Today, mass migration is being orchestrated for the same outcome, big change. Presently, this change as seen in Europe, falls under the intricately designed Globalist agenda; that is to alter and stamp-out stubborn western, Judeo-Christian cultural roots that prevent hyper-centralization.

To do this, one must prevent integration/cultural assimilation from disallowing the outcome you want to see: that is a retrograde, subservient populace, as seen in many middle-eastern nations that live under tyranny. You must introduce a new culture very rapidly to encourage enclaves, and discourage the incentive that would have come with assimilation, i.e. adaptability to gain favour in workplace and social circles. Globalists encourage Islamic figureheads in influential positions to trounce the need for assimilation, i.e. Sadiq Khan as Mayor of London, Malala Yousafzai as a Muslim cultural figurehead. The suppression of distinctively Western traditions, i.e. the denouncement of St. George’s Day for “inclusiveness” encourages Islamic migrants to disregard the host culture and set of values, they have a free pass. They are shaped to adore the big-brother state and ignore the values of liberty.

It takes an exhaustive campaign of indoctrination and propaganda to achieve this seclusion, a classic case of divide and conquer. The voices of Globalism seem louder and truer than all else, their false image of authority misguides the many, because they have money and assets (this does not mean they have any imperative), those that choose to listen to them day in, day out, those with their hearts and minds in the material world- these are the ones that willfully define their reality according to this constant reinforcement.

“Stop watching the news, because the news contrives to frighten you. To make you feel small and alone…” — Morrissey

Overriding and Undermining Western Culture.

I will stick to expanding on the topic of multiculturalism here, of course the introduction of other factors helps denigrate western values – but to stay on-topic, I will discuss multiculturalism exclusively.

The very term ‘multiculturalism’ is asking for people to live categorically apart, the term implies that multiple cultures can live under a single political and ideological roof, this is not so when the cultures at hand are radically different from one another.

Cultural differences have plagued empire-builders throughout history, Biblically God (YHWH), placed cultural differences as a barricade to a Babylonian world order.

‘Culture’ in itself is an umbrella term that incorporates political and ideological persuasions, people that forget this and look at the skin color (nothing to do with culture) and less pertinent differences between cultural definitions are missing the point; culture has political and ideological baggage in many cases, cultural Islam is one of these cases. ‘Multiculturalism’ is a misleading term in that it flaunts itself as progressive and tolerant, but in fact is hopelessly idealistic.

To override a presiding culture, you must make the target culture (western/white culture) fear the culture you intend to introduce (third world Islam), and vice versa make the introduced culture fear the target culture (i.e. playing the racism card, making everything about race and xenophobia). The result is division, by keeping the two cultures separate, you allow the qualities and attributes of one to not become assimilated with the one you want to eliminate or suppress.

Orchestrated terrorist events that point towards cultural Islam help stoke the flames of fear and hatred. Fear keeps people apart, and above all, distrustful of one another.

The pull factor to bring in the introduced culture will be free stuff, i.e. the welfare state and socialism, something as a mouth-watering incentive, and of course, open borders achieved through the EUs schengen area and porous border policies, it is so easy to take the sweet, low-hanging fruit dangled before them.

We Shouldn’t Simply Accept a Toxic Culture, but Neither Should We Hate It.

Of course, the culture that is to be introduced is an inferior, regressive culture, and the westernized host culture has every right to disdain it. However, if this disdain is expressed as blatant anger and hatred, and not moderate, patient understanding accompanying a desire to help fix the pitfalls of a toxic culture that is being imposed en masse, both cultures will simply live apart while the ‘migration crisis’ continues.

The higher birthrate of cultural Islam will mean that it will overtake and outnumber people holding Western-minded ideas very quickly within a few decades, as the family unit is the principal catalyst for passing-on values, the large Muslim families will win every-time in a western world with a falling birthrate and smaller families on average.

The situation that we are in (a designed mass-migration pattern) demands our collective to push to westernize as many third-world people as possible while seeking a skills-based limited migration program, not the cultural-replacement program (disguised as a refugee crisis) currently in effect. We must not alienate them, but instead demonstrate the perks of western civilization, we must quash the ‘slaver-white man’ and ‘imperialist-oppressor’ focused image pushed by the Globalist controlled media that serves to alienate and vilify the most progressive, uplifting culture and society the world has ever known, an embodiment of liberty worth preserving and spreading.

Will we let our cultural malleability caused by our collective fall in strong, immovable, western values permit the dominant, but inferior Islamic culture to overtake as the presiding power in the West alongside Globalism?



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