We are being distracted

The mainstream media is pushing hotbed issues left, right, and center. The scandals, the speculations, the downright pushing of the insane left-right paradigm — are all, mostly, subjective non-issues designed to keep us distracted.

Our subjective squabbling means we forget the important objective realities.

Objective realities like the US’ deep state soft imperialism and the persistent global agenda afoot, the best-laid plans that go on while the left and right continue to fight, while the feminist, LGBT, and race issues are given most of the airtime in the MSM.

These are ‘issues’ that are, in reality, subjective non-issues — they have us all distracted in things that don’t really matter. They are masters at doing this, and have honed the skill through the centuries.

Divide and conquer, throw in a dose of daily fear and victimhood that keeps people running to deep state solutions.

They frame the ‘enemy’ as our fellow man, anything but themselves, any subjective ‘problems’ but the real, objective problems they cause.

Subjective social issues like the man that spread his legs out ‘too far’, the person that accidentally ‘misgendered’ a trans person, Trump’s personality outside of office, that guy that decided to vote Trump, the debate that fat is not beautiful, the list goes on. It is these pointless discussions that are deemed ‘newsworthy’ – these stifle real news, real conversation, about real problems.

We accomplish nothing by arguing over non-issues that appeal to our ego.

What exactly are we accomplishing by arguing over who Trump did or did not call? What are we accomplishing by arguing over bathroom laws? What are we accomplishing over arguing about what Trump did or did not say/mean? Nothing, that’s what.

We are only accomplishing the spread of hate, animosity, bigotry, prejudice and division among ourselves. They are dividing us through political/social/subjective non-issues geared towards conflict. They know that no one will change their minds no matter how much we argue over them.

Start spending your energy talking to people who will debate properly, invest your time wisely, and give no time to the ignorant ideologue.

You decide what topic deserves your time, if a dud topic comes up in conversation that has been spread by the mainstream press, try to change it to something more important.

Nothing changes through petty arguments about petty, insignificant things.

“Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.” — Socrates

Socrates was right, and it only takes a glance to see that most of us discuss either events or people, yes that includes Clinton scandals, there are bigger fish to fry so to speak, the Clintons are merely the lackeys for the Global elite. I encourage alt-media to give less airtime to low-level deep state scandals and push for bigger stories.

We barely touch on discussing ideas, yet ideas are the blood of liberty, the progenitor of critical thinking.

While we are deep in the rabbit hole, the real criminals are still at large.

The deep state military-industrial complex champagne socialists continue to wreak havoc worldwide while we waste away on dwindling subjectivity.

Their endless debt, their endless war, their endless push for more centralization. All to easily govern over a people pitted against one another so blindly.

They desperately want to push the subjective, because the subjective has no end product, no resolution, it keeps people perpetually busy.

They know that objective topics lead to movements, to truth, and to their downfall.

Take a step back from the political charade and realize that it is bread and circus, a tool for control over the minds of the masses.



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