What’s really going on in the middle east?

The middle east is the main talking point of the world stage, yet nobody really knows what’s going on there. It’s time to shed some light on the issue.

The media brands it as the perpetual ‘war on terror’, which it clearly isn’t. It is part of a pre-planned invasion of administrations that threaten the deep state’s global ambitions. It is about control of resources, regimes, people, and the expansion of globalist interests through its proxy state, Israel, and other globalist-affiliated proxy states and vassals.

The “war on terror” is not designed to “liberate” or “democratize” Middle Eastern states. If that were the case, Saudi Arabia would have been the first state targeted for “intervention”.

Follow the money.

Rather, the “war on terror” is part of efforts to violently break apart states that reject US-Israeli hegemony in the region, so as to maintain US control over the region’s resources in an age of diminishing access to cheap oil.

Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states want Iran and its Shia allies weakened; Turkey wants a freer hand against Kurdish dissident groups in Syria and elsewhere; and Israel wants to foster the forces of sectarianism in the Middle East to undermine pan-Arab nationalism, thereby ensuring its regional hegemony will go unchallenged.

The agents trying to stabilize Syria are the regime itself, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah. Their concern is to use whatever force is necessary to repel the agents of anarchy and restore the regime’s dominance.

The agents of stability want to rebuild Syria and strengthen it as part of a wider Shia bloc. In practice, their policy would achieve – even if it does not directly aim for – a regional balance of forces, similar to the stand-off between the US and Russia in the Cold War. It is not ideal, but it is far preferable to the alternative policy pursued by the agents of anarchy. They want key states in the Middle East to implode, as has already happened in Iraq and Libya and has been partially achieved in Syria.

The middle east is the latest and greatest chapter in the US deep states’ dark history of state-sponsored clandestine regime changes and land-grabbing, it is here that the stakes are higher than ever. Syria and Iran, Russian-leaning states, are the Kremlin’s last truly secure sources of oil and precious resources, with these Russian allies gone, the US petrodollar will reign supreme – and Russia & China will soon after crumble.

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Greater Israel, a Globalist unification of the middle east is a likely geopolitical goal of the elites.

The US’ “War on terror” is an ongoing conquest of soft imperialism, the apparent virtuousness of such a cause, backed by false-flag terror attacks (911, 7/7, so on) to manufacture public support is the go-to ‘Hegelian-dialectic’ system used to gain popular consent to send in the troops.

The strategy is to jab the public with the occasional terror attack, as seen in recent years, to keep a fear-fueled emotional need for war popular. Afghanistan, Iraq (Saddam Hussein), Libya (Muammar Gaddafi), and now Syria (Assad) & Iran (Rouhani) have been, or are on the menu for the deep state to undermine.

Yinon Plan & Greater Israel.

The Yinon plan is a Globalist strategic plan to ensure Western-aligned Israeli regional superiority. It insists and stipulates that Israel must reconfigure its geo-political environment through the balkanization of the surrounding Arab states into smaller and weaker states, something being done at the moment in the middle east. The Yinon Plan calls for a divided Lebanon, Egypt, and Syria. The partitioning of Iran, Turkey, Somalia, and Pakistan.

Deep state conquest for resources and power was planned far in advance.

Gen. Wesley Clark talks about how this plan of conquest was formed long before boots hit the ground:

It is clear to see that ISIS is not a standalone ‘terror’ group as widely accepted. The world never batted an eye as ISIS magically held out against the joint military forces of Russia, US, China, and other militarily strong nations for many years.

If ISIS was a self-funded standalone, it would have hit rock bottom a long time ago.

ISIS is a deep state funded rebel group; recruited, trained, and paid for by CIA ops. ISIS’ magical unending self-replenishment of munitions, equipment, and numbers, along with its remarkable ability to resist leading military superpowers proves a hidden hand’s involvement, just like the US-backed Al-Qaeda 9/11 patsies that somehow coordinated the most sophisticated terrorist attack in history, or the US-backed Mujaheddin jihadists from the eighties before them that defeated the Soviets in Afghanistan.

‘ISIS’ is just another name for the same proxy-operation; same thing, different name. ISIS fights, and looks like a coordinated and professional force – not like the rag-tag band of terrorist rebels that we are told they are supposed to be.

Seems like a simple plan. For example; I want something in Syria, the current government says no. I can’t attack Syria directly, because Russia and China will just stop me. So I raise a militia and have them attack for me. Then I define the war as a civil war. I then condemn Syria for allowing this to occur. I demand the Syria leader step down, while at the same time I meet with his opposing political party and say if you help me get what I initially wanted I’ll make sure you get in power once the current leader steps down. Now it looks like Assad will step down potentially. So we will now call the rebels bad guys and kill them. All has gone as planned.

Play the world’s vigilante: create the problem then insist on your solutions.

Funding and rolling-out upstart terrorist groups like ISIS helps make the US look like the international vigilante, swooping in to ‘deal’ with the eminent threat that oppresses the free world. The deep state run west struts about as the self-proclaimed UN guardian of international law & order, but it is, in fact, an empire of chaos and deceit.

The cold war just got colder.

War never changes, but today’s kind of war has upped-the-ante on ‘cold’ conflicts rather than ‘hot’ conventional conflicts, a ‘colder cold war’ is one way to put it; why sacrifice your international and domestic reputation by openly committing your nation’s image to a dirty, bloody, quagmire-prone conflict that taints your fake freedom-fighter persona?

Proxy-conflicts grant breathing room, they allow a tactician to back-out with few or no strings attached. This explains why open-pitched wars are a thing of the past. It has worked because most of us that still buy into it still think we are living in a great era of peacetime – no, wars have just gone underground. If human angst is not openly expressed, it will find the next best outlet; the less obvious passive & indirect forms.

“We are dealing with a criminal undertaking at a global level … and there is an ongoing war, it is led by the United States, it may be carried out by a number of proxy countries, which are obeying orders from Washington.” — Robin Cook, Former British Foreign Secretary 

While Russia pours money into Assad’s regime and other pro-Russian administrations in the middle-east, the US deep state pours money into rebels groups like ISIS in cooperation with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey & Israel, et al, to undermine anti-globalist administrations.

“The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al-Qaeda (ISIS), and any informed intelligence officer knows this. But, there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an intensified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive TV watchers to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the United States.” — Robin Cook, Former British Foreign Secretary 

Other key observations.

The globalist are sapping the middle east nations of their essential lifeblood; their populations. No workforce, no nation. After all, what is a nation stripped of its people? People constitute a nation, people legitimize a ruler.

Destroy the cities and people will be mobilized and be forced to move abroad.

The globalists achieve this through leveling cities and bombing all the infrastructure to smithereens, as seen recently with Raqqa, as part of extensive ‘collateral damage’ intended to ‘destroy’ ISIS.

One of the many attempts to make Assad’s Syria a failed state and to collapse his administration. This ‘collateral’ US bombing has ripped through urban areas and devastated local populations.

The deep state then funnels the homeless, desperate population into its own workforce by opening the gates of Europe, as ever, playing the good guy. This will vacate the middle east, readying it for easier Israeli expansion and ‘re-settlements’, which have already taken over the oil-rich Golan heights in Syria, further expansion will come.

Demonize Assad, break his popularity.

The US destroying Syria’s infrastructure will also play into a war of attrition, the population will grow tired of living in ruins, and if the globalists have their way, Assad’s popularity will decline enough to break his administration.

The people will grow tired of Assad being the ‘target’ of the rebels, they will see him as the source of their suffering, they will want him out – anything for peace.

US-led propaganda campaigns against Assad such as the recent chemical weapons ordeal are being actively used to demonize the Syrian President in the sight of his own people, and the wider world too. Again, if the propaganda works, Assad may lose his strong base of support and his government may collapse, creating a power vacuum.

With a vacated middle east the US will fund a ‘rebuilding initiative’ with newly instated ‘stable’ governments that favour the globalists and the Greater Israel ‘Yinon Plan’.

When Assad is sufficiently demonized and finally overthrown, a pro-US regime will be instated, Syria will become yet another region belonging to the international bankers, who will then buy public support back with infrastructural rebuilding initiatives to play the good guy.

Bashar Al-Assad is a secular ruler advocating modernization and greater unity for the middle east. 

Any ruler that has tried to lift a nation or region from the ruins of the third-world is a threat to the globalists, Libya’s Gaddafi is an excellent example of this. A modernized middle-east backed by anti-globalist Russian & Chinese investment makes it much more difficult for control – the expansion of globalist first world Israel must be the only valid answer to the middle east’s turmoil.

Syria’s Bashar Assad, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi are or were ruthless and brutal in the way all dictators are, against opponents who threaten the regime. But before their states were targeted for “intervention”, they also oversaw societies in which there were high levels of education and literacy, well-established welfare states, and low levels of sectarianism. — www.globalresearch.ca

Similarly, Africa is nearly entirely occupied by US armed forces, any ruler that tries to push their nation past third world status and ‘modernize’ is suppressed and overthrown. Modern states are players that cannot be allowed pieces on the chess board.

The modernized, prosperous regimes of Gaddafi, Assad and Hussein were or are more independent of the US than the US and Israel desire. The rulers of these states, which comprise disparate sectarian groups, had an interest in maintaining internal stability through a carrot and stick approach: benefits for those who submitted to the regime, and repression for those who resisted. They also made strong alliances with similar regimes to limit moves by Israel and the US to dominate the region. Balkanisation has been a powerful way to isolate and weaken them, so the process can be expanded to other renegade states. — www.globalresearch.ca

Control a ‘Greater Israel’ and control the primary Asian trade route to Europe.

If the ‘Greater Israel’ project is to materialize and be fulfilled, it will mean the Suez canal comes under globalist control. This will give the globalists control over one of the most major trade route passages in the world, which can then be used against the Chinese trade flow.

Ultimately, if Syria falls, it will not be the end of the “war on terror”. Next, these globalist agents of anarchy will move on to Lebanon and Iran, spreading yet more death and destruction.


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