The “Refugee” Crisis Explained

The refugee crisis in Europe, the largest seen since World War 2, is no accident.

This is a deliberate mass-movement of human pawns on the elite’s global chessboard through the deliberately porous borders of the EU. It is just one facet of a wide scale cultural-Marxist push to dilute the nationalist, liberty-aware culture & people of the Western world and ‘re-populate’ with a more desirable population.

It’s about bringing in a more desirable mindset; the third world mindset.

This ‘more desirable demographic’ comes with the people of the third-world, these are downtrodden, poorly-educated people that will vote for bigger government and be less politically active than Westerners, they will work for less money (this will kill the middle class), they will be the unquestioning ‘cheap labor’ working class that is sought after by greedy corporations. This will plummet Western salaries and widen the gap between rich and poor.

Western government bombings of migrants’ home countries means that many of these ‘refugees’ see the West as hostile to them, this means they won’t be interested in cultural assimilation. Most of these ‘refugees’ are travelling into Europe as economic migrants (most migrants are on welfare), and choose to live separately in their own communities.

Arrival in Greece of Afghan migrants from Turkey.

Austrian intelligence officials have reportedly revealed that US government agencies are paying for the transport of migrants to Europe.

“It has come to our knowledge that US organisations are paying for the boats taking thousands of refugees to Europe. US organisations have created a co-financing scheme which provides for a considerable portion of the transportation costs. Not every refugee from North Africa has 11,000 Euro cash. Nobody is asking, where is the money coming from?” 

— Austrian magazine Infodirekt, August 5th, 2015 

These are people that have no national or ideological roots because of their background, they have no commitment or interest in the high values of liberty and constitutionality. Third world migrants are the kind of people that will be most likely to accept the New World Order’s plans for greater centralization.

This is about population replacement, not about saving poor ‘refugees’ as the whole thing has been spun. Most of the ‘refugees’ are not refugees at all.

Globalist plan: a fast transfer of people will mean far less assimilation with the target parent culture.

The sheer speed and scale of the re-population shift ensures that assimilation won’t have enough time to naturally happen. They simply don’t want Western culture to survive – they want an alien, third-world, subservient culture to become dominant, they also want a massive workforce to challenge China’s cheap labor fueled industrial dominance. If those in power really wanted to keep western culture, they could just fund childbirth boosting initiatives, but instead they opt for complete population replacement.

Transferring one culture to another is not simple, we are told that we are ‘all equal’, that we should celebrate our commonalities, but what about our indisputable differences? It’s time to get real.

You get a giant voting block moving in that is hostile to the parent culture, that does not have the multi-thousand year marination in these (western) values. “What is the Magna Carta? What are rights? What is the status of women? How should we raise children?” they won’t know, and their not knowing will overwhelm everything you have learned.

— Stefan Molyneux on rapid migration patterns and their consequences.

UN refugee agency says they want at least 380,000 migrants in Europe per year

Sending 1.2 billion unskilled Africans to Europe “will increase world GDP”

Third world people come from backgrounds of oppression, their primary goal is to survive, having come from war-torn countries. They are not spending time in critical or abstract thinking, they don’t care about defending Western liberties – they are too busy pursuing basic human objectives; i.e. they want to be fed, watered, housed, and have a stable stream of income to support their families. As a result, the welfare state is a huge appeal to them. Any typically non-conservative party that is pro-migrant will get their vote. These are the ideal voters for big government.

Migrants are deployed to outbreed Westerners; their culture will outbreed the spread of Western culture in a matter of decades.

The average migrant family is having approximately three more children than the average British family, families are the units that forge a person, and with migrant families being larger this means their non-western culture will soon become dominant in Britain.

To worsen the situation, language barriers and cultural differences mean British and foreign cultures are largely living apart and not assimilating as utopian ‘cultural enrichment’ told us we would. Ethnic-enclaves and ‘no-go zones’ are forming in urban areas as whole neighborhoods are becoming migrant towns from the inside-out.

Danish PM warns of the emergence of ‘parallel’ muslim societies.

When these migrants, with huge families, live in parallel societies, their culture will quickly take over the West as the large families act as catalysts for this parallel culture to spread rapidly from parents to their children. Westerners and their mindset will quickly become the minority.

Rise in continent-wide crime rates & anti-social behavior.

Migrant populations are, on the whole, not very civilized people – their deprived backgrounds explains the rising crime rates. Despite this, the mainstream media denies the fact they are prone to being disruptive. Crime rates in the UK have skyrocketed. Police across Europe are not allowed to take into account the background of criminals in crime statistics for fear of ‘xenophobia’.

Almost half of crimes committed in Berlin are perpetrated by migrant minority.

Swedish Police “cannot cope” with soaring rape cases since migrants arrived.

Toxic anti-white ‘white guilt’ and race-baiting culture deployed to increase acceptance of the ‘refugee’ crisis re-population and to weaken western identity/patriotism.

The deep state has succeeded in making the indigenous Westerners feel guilty about their culture and identity, despite it being the pinnacle of civilization. Atrocities perpetrated by men not alive today are pushed on Westerners to foment self-hatred, even though there have been atrocities perpetrated in every corner of the world. We are expected to be self-deprecating, we are expected to hand minorities ‘representation’ in society as reparations for our ‘oppression’ of them, their retrograde third-world cultures are given preferential treatment to fill the ‘representation’ quotas that have cropped up across Europe.

Generation Identity: a pan-European movement started to recover Europe’s waning cultural and ideological identity.

Some European nations are fighting for their identity, refusing the high migrant quotas pushed on them by the globalist-run EU:

Austria refuses to take more migrants under EU redistribution scheme

Hungary builds a wall, cuts illegal immigration by over 99%

Our pathological altruism has been our downfall. Aristotle once said that “tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society”, he was right. Globalist string-pullers have brought the migrant crisis upon us, only a movement towards greater awareness coupled with western, national, and patriotic identity can be the solution.


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