Is Our Culture Dead?

Culture has taken a swerve to the abstract, aimlessly experimental, and obtuse in recent decades. Culture once provided the long-held guiding foundations that many respected. This status quo is being actively eroded in modern times.

There are purposeful efforts in parts of Western culture to reject traditional values and aggressively replace them with more (supposedly) progressive ideals.

The goal of this? Many in alternative news argue that the goal is to undermine the identifying foundations of western civilization and leave us open to subversion and capitulation, if we lose our clearly defined, traditionalist cultural roots, we will follow anything that is called progressive — we lose the essential point of reference that traditional culture gave us, a culture steeped in trial-and-error over many centuries.

“It’s all relative”, modern culture is turning truth into a lie.

Modern culture’s very aim is to disconnect from reality, to break down cultural systems that uphold liberty.

The way to do this is to make everything seem ‘relative’, to brand the culture we consume as ‘subjective’ to interpretation, and thus make it malleable.

This is a dangerous proposition, because our shrinking regard for cultural standards will quickly transfer to our standards for laws, namely those that are constitutional; the laws that help keep tyranny at bay.

The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer.

Henry Kissinger, CFR Globalist

This means modern culture is deliberately ignoring centuries of cultural progression and calling it ‘progressive’ to be doing so, yet, the word progression has no place in a culture that is not actually progressing from anything.

Modern culture does not conserve our cultural history, it erases it.

Radical modernists are celebrated for creating entirely new forms of architecture, music, clothing, etcetera — completely ignoring our cultural predecessors. Their vision is unusual novelty for the sake of ‘fighting’ the traditional cultural roots they see as their foe.

This is a cultural-Marxist effort to destroy traditional culture (the culture built upon over millennia) and replace it with a radically modernist, ‘progressive’, ‘new culture’.

Cultural Marxism, defined as:

A revolutionary leftist idea that traditional culture is the source of oppression in the modern world. Cultural Marxism is often linked to an insistence upon political correctness, multiculturalism, and perpetual attacks on the foundations of culture: the nuclear family, marriage, patriotism, traditional morality, law and order, etc. Cultural Marxists are assumed to be committed to establishing economic Marxism, in which case their cultural attacks are a necessary preparation for their ultimate goal.

The constant theme in progressive culture is ‘equality’, even if this ‘equality’ contradicts all common sense. This echoes the ‘virtues’ of socialism as commented on by Winston Churchill:

The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.

— Winston Churchill, Wartime Prime Minister of the UK

Modern culture after decades of cultural-Marxist influences.

We have departed from a rational and concise representation of the world around us and embarked down a path of cryptic pretentiousness. In today’s society, to be cool is to be obscure, narcissistic, and to conform to the cultural standards of those with the money to set the trends.

Art & culture is synonymous with the hedonistic, the grotesque and the downright nonsensical in the name of ‘freedom of expression’, and you are branded an intolerant bigot if you oppose it.

“Drinking beer is easy. Trashing your hotel room is easy. But being a Christian, that’s a tough call. That’s rebellion.”

— Alice Cooper on how easy, and uncool it is to conform to pop culture.

The once clear distinction between ‘high culture’ and ‘pop culture’ is becoming one big indistinguishable mess. Inferior ‘pop culture’ culture is being put on a ‘progressive’ pedestal, while traditional ‘high culture’ is on the ‘wrong side of history’.

Does art need a purpose, a direction, an objective?

Modernists will argue that art does not need to have a purpose, that critics are old-fashioned in opposing its contrarian originality. Yet contrarianism celebrated for the sake of contrarianism lacks any proper basis to be celebrated.

They talk about modern art being ‘daring’ & ‘rebellious’ yet don’t give any good reason for modern art to rebel against traditional art. If you think about it, there is no good reason to rebel against our forefathers’ art, it got us this far, why flip the table now?

It’s like Hillary using the ‘progressive’ fact she would be the first female President as a legible reason for her to be President, it’s nonsensical.

Presidents should be elected on their meritocratic substance, on their compatibility as a leader, their integrity, their policies and campaign goals — not unimportant things such as their gender.

‘Celebrities’ are corporate personalities, fake role models for the gullible youth.

Celebrities are given the limelight through corporate backers that want to project a hyper-controlled persona, a role model that favors their agenda.

Celebrities aren’t getting in the spotlight by being talented or doing something valuable for wider society anymore. The platforms, record labels, and organisations that people with real talent need to get recognized are refusing to give them attention, because self-made culturally significant people are a threat to those that want to define & shape culture in their own way.

Why have we let the corporate culture factory define acceptable culture?

Many modern critics laud modern art for being daringly ‘counter-cultural’, successfully portraying the reality-based standard of good art as an ‘establishment’ mindset, as a rule ripe to be broken by the fearless ‘dissenting’ artist. It has been made ‘cool’ to undermine traditional culture.

Kazimir Malevich’s ‘Black Square’ 1915, one of the first defining artistic strides away from the clarity and substance of its predecessors.

Corporations have so much influence now that they can define the apparent ‘dominant’ culture we perceive.

Art & culture shapes society, the means it needs to have meaning, it needs to serve a wider purpose, to connect ‘A’ to ‘B’ where numbers and letters do not suffice.

Art & culture is fundamentally a form of collective human expression, to be both output and conformed to alike, this natural process must be defended and upheld.

Corporations that own all the media get to define our culture now, this is miles away from the natural culture of ideas and individual artistic expression the emboldens us all. We simply aren’t getting art from normal people anymore, we’re getting it from the wealthy monopolistic mega-corporations that have bought-out every independent smaller company.

Risk taking in Hollywood film industry, as one example of stagnating culture, is at an all-time low. Money-hungry investors opt for the ‘tried-and-tested’, old formulas that they know will make them decent money without risking an original idea losing them money. This ‘safety’ trend can be seen across the cultural landscape. Culture isn’t about innovating and pushing the limits anymore, it is the opposite of progressive, it is stagnation.

They prey, and rely on, the conformity/herd mindset.

Wherever there’s money and power, people ascribe social and cultural importance, and that makes sense. But this natural inclination is being exploited, we have been tricked into thinking this fake culture is culturally important just because of all the money invested in it. It’s a classic case of Gatsby; pop culture’s influence is an illusion.

The power of the desire to be accepted and ‘cool’ — people drink and smoke socially, men take more risks around women, it’s a phenomenon that we as humans exhibit, we move towards the herd because it is naturally seen as the sensible thing to do.

It is the same with our artistic & cultural tastes, if it seems socially advantageous to conform to common art tastes, many will do it, and will cast out their own views in the process. Those that control pop culture, as a result of this, control the cultural direction of those that conform to cultural norms rather than adopt them on their own basis, they rely on our conformity, it empowers them. Don’t conform.

Game shows & ‘Reality’ TV shows try to frame the working class every-man as dumb and nonintellectual. The mainstream media always runs demeaning shows that push the portrayal of ‘low-culture’ for the common person. Eastenders, Coronation St, Big Brother, and Love Island are but a few.

If we spend long enough marinating in this cultural vacuousness, we soon become it. What we consume on a daily basis is what we soon become.

Aristotle put the situation in fine words, what we are is what we repeatedly do:

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Aristotle, Greek Philosopher

If our sources of media are the mainstream we will become what they want us to become.

‘Art’ like this is celebrated in mainstream circles, it should be reviled.

Today, gray, tedious bureaucracy dominates, the quantitative, the material — not the beautiful or virtuous. Today’s society is geared towards the self, yet, art’s true role is to make us feel part of the bigger picture that we all don’t see enough of.

Banksy’s art is an example of modern art that works.

Modern art is a great outlet for money-launderers.

Because modern art no longer has to be an objectively exceptional work, anyone can evaluate a piece and assign its ‘value’. Wealthy money launderers love this because it means they can move large sums of money to where the monetary value is subjective. Just goes to show how our culture has lost its true basis.

This sense of art having no meaning has spread throughout our culture, people go along with what is called ‘art’, with what is called ‘revolutionary’ by some out-of-touch, bribed connoisseurs that have their own personal agendas — art is about the bilateral relationship between the viewer and the artist. We now look to the beholden connoisseur for artistic & cultural meaning, and in doing that, we forfeit our own crucial interpretation.

People gravitate to the quantitative in art & culture, not the qualitative. Look at the artists the establishment has propped up with big money, people always flock to these artists. But big money and ‘big names’ does not mean good art & culture, these big names have their careers made by wealthy establishment figures. They are not their own success stories, they are all establishment yes-men.

Art is not about important messages anymore, it’s now about money and control.

Today’s art is geared towards the sensual, the fleeting buzz that earns immediate engagement, its about the consumer’s mindset rather than the person’s mindset.

It is no longer about the thoughtful or the philosophical as great art once always demanded of its audience.

Hang the blessed DJ, because the music that they constantly play; it says nothing to me about my life.

— Lyrics from The Smiths’ song ‘Panic’ released 1988

Modern art & culture is making us depressed.

Why? Because we are being spoon-fed lies, fears, and false realities on a daily basis by the mainstream media.

We are buying into a reality that is simply not obtainable for the average person and we are urged to feel inferior about it, this keeps us chasing their unrealistic standards, we become distanced from real people and real interactions. It divides us.

Pop culture thrives off of telling us we are not good enough, look at magazine covers that flaunt the fake celebrity culture 24/7. It makes us subservient consumers, embroiled in our hatred of self, it makes us ignore our inner voices.

Commit your attention to reality & truth, now.

The faster you choose to throw out your TV, bin their newspapers, and start thinking and acting on your own behalf, the sooner their toxic control system collapses. Stop being a follower, stop being a mindless consumer, and start being a self-governing individual.


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