What’s Going On In Yemen?

The manipulation of news and the distortion of reality are the most powerful weapons in the hands of power. They can make a whole reality disappear. Yemen is that forgotten reality.

Globalism wants to keep Yemen and other Arab nations under Saudi-American-Zionist dominion, and to make lots of money from the arms trade in the process, a racket — no matter the humanitarian cost.

The Yemen civil war was spawned from long-term nationalist Houthi dissatisfaction with the US-Saudi proxy colonization of Yemen under the Hadi puppet government, and Yemen’s forced subservience as a vassal state.

Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, the leader of the Houthi Ansarullah movement of Yemen, says the Israeli regime, the United States, and some of the their allies seek to enslave the Muslim Ummah (Islamic community as a whole).

Houthi said the enemies of the Ummah (the globalists) are seeking to see Yemen and the whole region fragmented and divided so as to have the Arab resources and territory at their service. Saudi Arabia is the globalist-backed linchpin of this reign of terror.

The Houthi leader also commented on the presence of Takfiri terrorist groups (ISIS et al) in the region, saying the terrorists stand with Washington, Tel Aviv and their allies, paving the way for their presence and control in the region while tarnishing the image of Islam.

The US wants the bloodshed in Yemen to continue, Houthi stated, adding that Washington is after occupying Yemen and enslaving its people. The war in Yemen is the “battle of dignity,” he said.

The nationalist Yemenis won’t give in without a fight.

The Houthi’s nationalist determination means that the invading coalition of chaos will not get its way without a hard-fought battle.

Despite the differences in size and wealth between the two nations, the Yemenis are expert guerrilla fighters defending their home terrain. The Saudi troops, in contrast, have nothing to fight for except the continued pillaging of their region by their depraved and decadent royal masters and the Zionist banksters behind them.

Houthi guerrilla warfare outclasses conventional warfare every time.

A Zio-Saudi invasion of Yemen could end up looking like the 2006 Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

During that war, the Israelis, despite their huge edge in money and military technology over the Lebanese Hezbollah fighters, suffered a humiliating defeat. Why? Hezbollah was fighting a defensive war on its own terrain. It knew that terrain; it knew what it was fighting for; and its fighters were willing to risk their lives in a just cause, something uninspired mercenaries are less inclined to do.

The Houthis are true Yemeni patriots that will never surrender.

Like the Lebanese in 2006 and the Vietnamese of the 1950s and 1960s, the Yemeni Houthis and their supporters are willing to put their lives on the line to defend their country against a foreign invader representing the New World Order bankster empire. The Saudi invaders, like the Americans in Vietnam and the Israelis in Lebanon, have no equivalent motivation, and will thus have no reason to fight hard or accept serious casualties. The mountainous terrain in Yemen will additionally favor the defenders.

An information war is afoot to win over the minds of the middle eastern people.

The Zionist-controlled media, including fake “Arab” outlets like al-Jazeera (branded to gain the Arab people’s trust), are trying to use the conflict in Yemen to throw gasoline on the fire they themselves started: The phony “Sunni vs. Shia” conflict. But there is no such conflict. The only meaningful conflict is between the Zionist bankster empire and the Resistance. If the Zionists can dupe Sunnis into thinking Shia are the enemy, and vice versa, they will succeed in destroying the region and maintaining their hegemony.

ISIS never attacks Israel; it’s apparent who works for who.

It is easy to see which forces in the Middle East are slaves of the Zionist New World Order Empire, and which ones stand with the Resistance. Simply ask this question: Who is genuinely working against Zionism and struggling to liberate Palestine or pushing for national independence, and who is not?

The answers are clear. ISIS, for example, never attacks Israel. On the contrary, it defends Israel by helping balkanize the Middle East in service to the Oded Yinon plan, and by attacking the forces that Israel rightly considers genuine threats. Hence ISIS is not a real “radical Islamic” group at all, but a Zionist false flag group. Netanyahu openly visits their wounded fighters who are being treated in Israeli hospitals.

Yemen, a peaceful and extremely poor country is being slaughtered by the globalist-proxy Saudis, with the full weapons, funding and political support of the United States and the UK.

The rest of Europe is fully complicit, due to their inaction, due to their lack of courage to bring a halt to this openly organised genocide.

Europe, in the form of individual countries or collectively through Brussels, could stand up and stop this murder, not by war, but unilaterally and strongly requesting the Saudis, the UK, the US and Israel, to stop the bombing, to open the seaports for immediate emergency shipments of medicine and food to reach the dying from cholera and famine.

Starvation strategy: by killing off the Yemeni population with Cholera & war, you make controlling the nation much easier.

The Saudi starvation strategy in Yemen.

Globalism does not care about Yemen’s population, humanitarian concerns do not equate to imperial dominion.

They only care about Yemen’s resources and keeping the region under their control. Third world nations’ high populations are just more hassle in controlling a region, this is why CFR Globalist Henry Kissinger advocates depopulation for the third world, and why Yemen’s deadly cholera outbreak is being ignored by the West:

“Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries.”

CFR Globalist, Henry Kissinger

The Yemen conflict is about regime change; safeguarding a globalist vassal state.

Saudi Arabia, backed by the US and Britain, began bombing Yemen, the poorest country in the region — without a Security Council resolution, as has been the tradition for launching western wars since Bill Clinton’s 1999 Kosovo War (the bombing of Serbia).

By January of 2015 Western-leaning Hadi fled to Saudi Arabia and asked the Saudi Monarchy to help counter the Houthi insurgency.

On March 26th 2015, the Saudi Kingdom launched operation ‘al-Hazm Storm’ with mainly U.S. puppet states of Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Morocco, Pakistan, Qatar, Sudan and the UAE and collaborating with Somalia that allowed the coalition to use its military bases to invade Yemen.

The cause of the non-western aligned Houthi led insurgency was the fact that the Hadi government did not follow-up on their power-sharing proposals that turned Yemen into a dictatorship backed by Washington.

Since the war began, the United Nations says that 17 million people in Yemen are facing food shortages and close to 7 million people will become victims of a famine crisis.

Is Yemen a proxy battleground between Iran & (Russia, China) and the Globalists?

Saudi Arabia are agents of chaos, or one might call “useful idiots” to counter Arab governments and resistance movements (Yemen, Syria, Iran, the Palestinians and Hezbollah) not aligned with U.S. and Israeli interests.

So, as expected, Globalist-controlled US President Donald Trump hosted Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman last month at the White House to discuss economics and Iran’s influence in the Middle East, Yemen falls under the same scrutiny; non-alignment with US foreign policy.

“Iran is a problem in Iraq, a problem in Syria, a problem in Lebanon, a problem in Yemen and will be a very, very major problem for Saudi Arabia.” —  (Globalist) POTUS, Donald Trump

The stated objective of the Anglo-American backing of the Saudi attack was the restoration of Yemen’s US-supported government of President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi’s, which fled to Saudi Arabia under the mounting pressure of the Houthi Shia rebels, accused by the United States of being pawns of Iran, or, dismissively, plain Iran-supported, a baseless claim to slight Iran.

Iran’s threat to Washington is that it has an enormous amount of oil and other natural resources. Iran is a sovereign nation that is aligned with the Axis of Resistance within the Middle East namely Syria, Lebanon, Hezbollah and the Palestinians. Iran is also aligned with Washington’s long-time adversaries, Russia and China. The PNAC report specifically states Washington’s long-term goal and that is to dominate the Middle East by isolating Iran with U.S. military bases close to their borders ready to attack on a moment’s notice.

The US Presidents change, but the policies do not.

Trump is doing what every administration has done in the past whether Democrat or Republican and that is to support Iran’s long-time adversaries, Saudi Arabia and Israel and isolate Iran that will allow the U.S. to dominate the resource-rich region, Yemen is simply one chapter in the Yinon plan.

The U.S. and its allies have been preparing for a possible war against Iran since the 1979 Iranian revolution that overthrew the U.S. puppet government of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi also known as the Shah of Iran.

The trail of conquest continues.



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