The Chemical Holocaust

Article from NaturalNews.

Soon, most people will be too brain damaged to even discuss chemicals in common foods. The invisible chemical holocaust is afoot — you may not even know about it.

Most people today are exposed to thousands and perhaps tens of thousands of different chemicals on a regular basis. This is a big problem, go back a matter of decades and our net chemical exposure was far, far less.

The dawn of chemical engineering and the introduction of preservatives and other chemical additives to products has brought on a very unnatural environment that the human body does not thrive well in, period.

A slowed-down population already diverted to consumerism, materialism, nihilism, misinformation, with the added layer of genetic assault and finally chemical bondage will never be able to reach its full potential. We’re being taken down a dark road and told it is ‘progression’, today’s liberalism is not true classical liberalism, today’s ‘progressives’ are not truly progressives. See through the lies.

Unfortunately, those marketing chemicals to the general public are the ones who stand to profit from their use. These immoral corporations have even seeped into supposedly ‘independent’ regulatory bodies. Groups that are truly independently studying chemicals are called ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘pseudo-scientists’ that are ‘profiting off of sensationalist fear media.’ Yet the mainstream media is untouchable, and is rarely, if ever, given any flack on their content which ‘backs itself up’ with ‘verifiable scientific studies’.

While this never-ending argument rages on, no conclusion is ever reached, and a general public still far too liberal and far too trustworthy of perceived authority figures, often only consuming media from one or two outlets, remains none the wiser on the subject.

We are being held in ‘backseat’ consciousness by these chemicals, a suppressed state of body and mind that those in control want to make the ‘norm’, the new ‘average’ for public health.

Why do this? A population barely functioning is the sweet spot for those in control. Just functional enough to perform basic tasks, but suppressed enough to never question the paradigm, let alone try to challenge it.

To achieve this they have assaulted and exploited every conceivable aspect of the human condition. Food, air, pharmaceutical, and water-borne chemicals and solutions are a valuable assistant in this pursuit; this is because they ease population control methods, and keep people languishing with their ‘mysteriously’ poor health – rather than looking to question and better the world around them.

An ill person is not an outward looking person, period. When we are ill our bodies go into shutdown, our capacity for higher thought is numbed until the illness passes, resources are allocated to insularity, rest and repair, the urge for survival – this is animal-level existence, most people are caught in this vice.

Today’s society is exposed to chronic, long-term causes of ill health, this means the body is constantly operating at a sub-optimal level.

Corrupt health regulators deliberately ignore toxins and their effect.

Not only does the FDA and other Western health regulators refuse to test food toxins for safety, but they never test them in combination to find out how they may be damaging peoples’ ability to think and function. We are told to look at toxins as isolated variables not synergistic variables, with the fallacious ‘moderation’ argument constantly used; ‘evidence’ is cherry-picked and misrepresented, and the consumer is misled time and time again.

Medical doctors go to college for at least eight years to study how different prescription medications can or cannot be combined, due to the dangers of blood toxicity or brain damage, but they never study food chemicals. In fact, they don’t even study how food chemicals affect prescription drug chemicals, there’s a black hole in areas of health where vested interests are established, the food and beverages industry is one of many areas that provide generous, yet conditional ‘funding’ to labs who stand to gain financially from deliberately manipulating results in favour of the corporate profiteers at the expense of the health of the consumer.

The biggest scam is happening where the general public is told to never expect a scam; science.

An example of combined effect: the ‘toxic trifecta’ of fluoride, aluminium and glyphosate.

Some food chemicals are more dangerous than the chemicals found in medications and vaccines. Aspartame and monosodium glutamate (MSG) are both genetically modified neurotoxins and should be classified as narcotics, but they’re not. These food toxins cause brain fog, headaches, anxiety and depression, but MDs don’t even mention them when prescribing dangerous SSRIs for anxiety and depression.

So, what happens when all of these toxins are consumed at the same time? Plenty of people take depression and/or anxiety medications, drink diet sodas, chew “sugar-free” gum and then eat conventional soups, chips and Chinese food that are often loaded with excitotoxins – a formula for health detriment, brain damage and serious side effects. Don’t even start talking about sodium fluoride in tap water either, which lowers IQ and the ability to engage in cognitive considerations about toxic food and toxic medications.

What better way to keep the population weak, dumbed-down and subservient to tyrannical government than to poison the food?

Fluoride is a chemical put in many Western countries’ municipal tap water. It lowers IQ – as proven in multiple long-term research studies, and brings on docility.

The American “cannons” (core curriculum) in public schools have all but eliminated critical thinking skills, discussions and essays, and replaced all testing with multiple choice, easy-to-grade, dumbed-down learning.

Working within the education system’s criteria and you are praised as a ‘budding intellectual’ that has met the standard for memorizing and regurgitating state propaganda. If you try to interpret something differently, or fail to state their facts, you are downgraded, it’s a subtle appropriation of their version of events on top of what is really true. Imagination is shunned, critical thinking is shunned, while ‘rinse and repeat’ memory-based indoctrination is championed.

Repeat their curricular ‘facts’ or be rejected by their doomsayer system.

This reward scheme preys on developing minds, from an early age education outlines ‘acceptable’ knowledge and thought processes from ‘unacceptable’ forms. This categorizes students and their self-worth based on their grades in a scheme that does not represent the real world whatsoever. If you don’t achieve highly in their curriculum you are told to expect a poor, unfulfilled quality of life from the outset, this is simply not true and probably the biggest early lie we’re all told.

Most schools teach rote memorization of distorted “facts” about history, the economy and even Western food and medicine. School served breakfasts and lunches are 95 percent GMO, processed, toxic foods, from the start we are made accustomed to damaging, poisonous food as the norm. The CDC’s mass inoculation scheme demands all children be injected with brain damaging neurotoxins (49 jabs by age 6) over and over, and now 1 in 68 kids have autism, and the rates are only getting worse as the years go by, soon being on the ‘spectrum’ of brain damage will be so widespread nobody will know the difference.

What happens when you combine school food, toxic vaccines, flu shots, fluoride-loaded tap water and dangerous, chemical-based prescription medications? Nobody knows. It’s never been tested. Probably won’t ever be. What’s the solution? How do we reclaim our brains and our children’s brains? We filter all the toxins from our daily lives – that’s how.

Top brain-damaging toxins to begin filtering out immediately.

Here’s the “hit list” of top concern. Filter them out now while you can still comprehend the difference between food and poison.

Fluoride: Look into a Big Berkey water filter – it’s the best for your money, and filters fluoride, heavy metal toxins, chlorine, other people’s medications, pathogens, etc from your tap water.

Monosodium glutamate (MSG): Never eat this neurotoxic, brain-damaging, genetically modified and concentrated spicy salt substitute. Causes brain damage in infants and unbearable migraine headaches in children, teens and adults. Found in many processed foods and nearly all takeaway foods.

Aspartame, sucralose, sorbitol, saccharine, acesulfame potassium: These are all synthetic, IBS-causing, neurotoxic artificial sweeteners designed to make humans sick and fat. Found in most processed foods and soft drinks.

Glyphosate herbicides & pesticides: Monsanto’s ‘Round up’ and Glyphosate solutions are carcinogenic, damaging chemical cocktails that often have fluoride included.

Diacetyl: This synthetic artificial butter flavoring is often added to microwave popcorn. Able to cross the blood-brain barrier, this food additive nightmare causes beta-amyloid clumping associated with Alzheimer’s disease. You may not see the word diacetyl, so just look for “artificial butter flavor” and you’ll know.

Aluminum: Found in pots and pans, antacids, vaccines and flu shots, tap water, baking powder, deodorants and antiperspirants, and most food imported from China, whether organic or not. Causes Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other dementia disorders. Aluminum fluoride is the compound often found in high amounts in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.

Mercury, (listed as thimerosal), aluminum, formaldehyde and MSG: all very common ingredients in vaccines and flu shots, and one of the most toxic substances known to man, no minuscule ‘trace amounts’ are safe.

GMO foods: These foods contain pesticides and herbicides that damage the human brain and likely have other damaging synergistic effects not yet properly scientifically realized.

SSRIs – selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors: These dangerous, experimental, untested drugs block/disrupt your serotonin production and attempt to control it unnaturally. These drugs can lead to unnatural thoughts like homicide and suicide, and eventually, those acts themselves.

Also watch out for toxins in common candles, air fresheners, antibacterial sprays, flea-killing carpet bombs, and the toxins when you first get into a hot vehicle.

The good news is that you can reverse most kinds of damage, improve brain function, and sharpen your memory, if you stop consuming toxins and start eating natural, ideally organically grown, foods.

Change starts with your attitude. Will you ignore anything that isn’t from your preconceived trusted authoritative sources, or will you open your mind to the possibility that you have been misled?

Remember, you are what you eat, so if you eat junk food all the time, you’re going to experience “junk” brain: brain fog, confusion, depression and anxiety. If you’ve always eaten junk and know no different, try a truly healthy diet and see & feel the difference.

It’s time to do your research and start spreading the word.

So the solution is simple; eat organics, super foods and clean foods. In return, experience organic thinking, better brain power and cleaner thoughts that help you reach your goals and experience the life you want to live.

Billions of brain cells and enzymes are waiting for you to simply flip the switch.

Sources for this article include:

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