Digital Book-Burning: Huge Mass Censorship Underway

Globalist-owned and influenced social media giants Google and Facebook, which together soak up nearly 80% of all online ad revenue, have declared war on conservative, alt-right, and classical liberal accounts, and are actively using a variety of underhand censorship techniques to impose their will to stifle and stamp-out undesirable free speech — all under the guise of “anti fake news”, “anti-extremism”, “anti Russian propaganda”, and “anti-terrorism”.

Recent changes in the companies’ algorithms that allegedly were made to weed out ‘fake news’ instead have been weaponized to weed out independent media and right-leaning voices that don’t comport with the Marxist Left ideology of the sites’ owners.

Calls for baseless censorship from huge multinational Globalist fronts only highlights the economic and political forces driving the censorship campaign: an alliance of the military/intelligence apparatus, giant technology firms and the corporate-financial oligarchy — if you follow the money, it will lead to the Globalist banker families who own all the corporate fronts for Globalism.

Techniques such as shadow bans (bans that affect the user without them knowing), traffic re-direction, parental “restricted mode” which blocks ‘controversial’ or ‘inappropriate’ content (which includes alternative media), preemptive flagging based on tags, description, thumbnail, and titles, as well as demonetization and ad revenue sanctions.

“Google is a monopoly, and its anti-free speech policies are beginning to erode the sanctity of civil discourse. We need some kind of constitutional amendment or mass movement, such as the one against SOPA, in order to re-assert the supremacy of free expression.” 

Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars Editor-at-Large

The ever-growing, ever-intricate censorship machine is a threat to free speech.

In February, Facebook launched a new algorithm to ensure that conservative news would not spread on the social media platform. The algorithm change caused President Donald Trump’s engagement on Facebook posts to plummet a whopping 45%.

Some sites and conservatives that have Facebook pages have seen their traffic drop anywhere from 75% to 95%.

Juniper Downs, global head of Public Policy and Government Relations at YouTube, boasted that Google uses “a mix of technology and humans to remove content,” adding that YouTube relies on a “trusted flagger program” to provide “actionable flags” based on the flaggers’ experience with “issues like hate speech and terrorism,” words that imply that these “trusted flaggers” are connected to US intelligence agencies.

  • “Machine learning is now helping our human reviewers remove nearly five times as many videos as they were before,” Downs said, adding that Google’s censorship machine is virtually automated. She said that this year there will be “10,000 people across Google working to address content that might violate our policies.”
  • YouTube has “removed 160,000 videos and terminated 30,000 channels for violent extremism.” The company has “reviewed over two million videos” in its collaboration with “law enforcement, government,” and “NGOs.”
  • YouTube has openly admitted on Twitter that it is censoring videos based on content, stating, “if the video is also not suitable for a wider audience then it might see poorer performance.”

Downs stated that Google is actively engaged in promoting what she called “counter-speech,” that is, the promotion of propaganda narratives. She also pointed to Google’s Jigsaw program as deploying “targeted ads and YouTube videos to disrupt online radicalization,” and “redirecting” users to content that Google approves of.

Small-scale alternative content producers face uphill struggle.

The requirements to file an appeal against demonetization are extremely demanding, leaving most small producers with zero recourse. To file an appeal, the channel must either have more than 10,000 subscribers, or the video in question must have at least 1,000 views within the past seven days. Producers are also not informed of when or what in their video the system finds inappropriate. Both small and large producers have complained on Twitter of double-digit percentage drops in new views after their videos have been demonetized, making it even more difficult to meet appeal requirements.

Creeping barrage of censorship now significantly affecting the top end of alternative media.

They seem to have been mainly targeting the numerous mid and lower-level content producers — but are now starting to make bold moves against some of the bigger alt-media personalities and outlets.

Kim Dotcom, the renowned internet entrepreneur and political activist warned Twitter owner Jack Dorsey over the censorship — threatening to fund an alternative platform, saying that “Twitter could be toast within a year”:

Globalist EU, in fears of rising nationalist-populist sentiments is advocating increased censorship under various guises.

On March 1st, the EU Commission called on companies and EU states to ensure “the detection and removal of illegal content through reactive (so called ‘notice and action’) or proactive measures.” It also identified a vast amount of material targeted for censorship. According to the Commission, its recommendations apply to all forms of “content ranging from terrorist content, incitement to hatred and violence, child sexual abuse material, counterfeit products and copyright infringement.”

The EU justified its policy with misleading claims about the fight against terrorism.

“While several platforms have been removing more illegal content than ever before … we still need to react faster against terrorist propaganda and other illegal content which is a serious threat to our citizens’ security, safety and fundamental rights.”

— Andrus Ansip, European Commissioner for Digital Single Market

Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics said full censorship by the German government is on its way:

“There are those in European politics that are now advocating full-blown censorship fearing the collapse of the EU.  State propaganda is acceptable, but anyone who disagrees is somehow now an agent of Putin. This is one of the last rungs a government breaks before it becomes the enemy of the people.”

Here are some alarming censorship moves recently made:

  • NaturalNews: A very prominent health website and the world’s top source on natural health. The site receives tens of thousands of readers every day. On Saturday, YouTube wiped out over 1,700 videos covering everything from nutrition, natural medicine, history, science and current events.
  • Independent Journal Review: A massive conservative website based on Facebook audience.  The Independent Journal Review (IJR) terminated a number of its employees on Thursday, leaving an unclear future for the millennial-focused conservative website that has recently faced a declining audience. IDF was also shadow-banned and blacklisted.
  • American Renaissance: Jared Taylor’s prominent race-realist alternative media platform has sued Twitter for its bans on Taylor’s account and that of American Renaissance, his journal and website. Taylor’s accounts were wiped in December last year as Twitter began specifically excluding what they call “violent extremist groups”. Jared stated that he “constantly repudiated any suggestion of violence”, and maintains that his plans for a separate white homeland “are all about freedom of association”.
  • Breitbart was the most influential conservative news source in 2016 with a massive audience. Since the election Breitbart is constantly targeted and smeared by far left operations. Breitbart advertising was targeted by Sleeping Giants and other Soros sites.
  • Infowars: Infowars is another dominant conservative site with enormous traffic.  After several years of video production and tens of thousands of video YouTube gave Infowars its third strike this week and threatens to shut the YouTube Channel down, not to mention significant sanctions and boycotts on Infowars’ ad revenue.
  • Rightside Broadcasting: This YouTube Channel had millions of views before the election.  Since 2016 YouTube has shadow-banned all of their videos.  YouTube has classified its videos of President Trump at a rally as hate speech.  YouTube has demonetized hundreds of its videos.  YouTube hides its videos.  Income for the site is down 95% since the election.
  • Low and mid level alt-media content producers: Less active or inactive conservative YouTube channels are being “accidentally” deleted by Google.
  • Young Cons: Extremely popular conservative news site and received millions of daily readers during the election.  The website received nearly all of its traffic from Facebook. Since 2016 Facebook shut down stories to Young Cons.  Each algorithm change meant less traffic for the popular website. YoungCons was blacklisted by Facebook and struggles to maintain readers.  The site regularly switches domains to save traffic.
  • With over 4 million fans one of the popular conservative pages on Facebook until Facebook blocked all traffic to the website. The page was forced to change the domain to save traffic numbers.
  • Right Wing News: Right Wing News grew to an enormous website in the past few years thanks its popularity on Facebook. In July of 2015, in just a week, the Right Wing News Facebook page reached 133 million people. Because conservatives were sharing content they were interested in, Right Wing News (with 3.6 million Facebook likes) was driving the same amount of web traffic as some of the biggest newspapers in America. Since the 2016 election Facebook blocked traffic to the website. Owner John Hawkins announced he was shutting down the website in January.
  • Western Journalism: Newsweek reported that the site has grown from receiving 1,000 page views a day in 2009 to more than 1 million during 2016. The website was averaging around 6 million page views a day according to Quantcast during the election. Today it is down to around 500,000 a day. Western Journalism was blacklisted by Facebook.
  • The Gateway Pundit: TGP was ranked as the 4th most influential conservative news source during the 2016 election. The site in 2016 received nearly a third of its traffic from Facebook. This past weekend Facebook blocked all traffic from recent stories to the website. TGP advertised with Facebook and is another top conservative website blacklisted by the company. TGP is also shadow-banned by Google and frequently attacked and smeared by the liberal media.
  • President Trump Facebook page: A recent algorithm change has caused President Donald Trump’s engagement on Facebook posts to plummet a whopping 45%. In contrast, Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) do not appear to have suffered a comparable decline in Facebook engagement, reported Breitbart’s Alum Bokhari.
  • Prager Report: PragerU, a conservative educational site, is suing Google and its subsidiary YouTube, accusing the video site of censoring its online videos because of their political leanings. YouTube has banned several of its videos including segments on abortion and Islam. PragerU has a massive conservative audience in the millions.
  • Pamela Pamela is well-known for speaking out against radical Islam.  ISIS has threatened to behead her several times.  During the election PG had over 100,000 daily views from Facebook.  Today Facebook has shut down most of her traffic. Her website suffered serious losses in revenue since the election.
  • Diamond and Silk: Pro-Trump YouTube sensations have a suit against YouTube. The Trump supporters announced in August 2017 that 95% of their videos have been demonetized on YouTube.
  • Ron Paul: The videos of Ron Paul’s Liberty Report were demonetized after a “manual review” by YouTube found it “unsuitable for advertisers.”
  • RT & Sputnik: Google admitted to “demoting” content from the Russian RT and Sputnik news in its search engine and news service, confirming allegations by the World Socialist Web Site that the company engages in mass political censorship in the name of fighting “fake news.”

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