Migrant Caused Brain-Drain Could Spell Disaster for Western Nations

The “brain-drain” that is occurring by wholesale importing migrants from regions of low HDI, or human development indexes, (in the Middle East and Africa) to regions of high human development indexes (in Europe) will likely spell disaster for maintaining the integrity and composition of the archetypal Western nation state.

A nation state, its qualities and identity, whether good or bad, is simply a direct result of the collection of individuals that compose it.

Because of this, the development of the individuals that make up the state is crucial in defining the quality of the collective state as a whole, and a crucial factor that should be heeded.

Different groups of individuals take on various group characteristics, genetic and environmental, so when dealing with migrants from different demographic groups, we must consider this as a factor.

Questions that need to be asked: are these individuals morally sound? Are they intellectually adept? What are their general qualities and flaws? What is the provenance of a demographic, how compatible is a group of people with the values, systems, politics, and culture of another group?

Social demographics and its impact on a nation state.

Is the homogeneity of the essence of a state at every level of its definition upheld when a given group is introduced into the demographic equation?

What biology and inherent predispositions underpins the differential between populations, how much can environmental factors be attributed to these differences or similarities?

At the root of what I’m trying to say is that our excessive liberal attitudes and open-doored pathological altruism needs to be re-thought and addressed accordingly.

If we go by the evidence, a brain-drain will occur that will affect the West negatively.

Science proves this brain-drain trend to be grounded in empirical, demographic reality; as the more educated, genetically adept native Europeans’ birth rate is declining and migrant birth rate increasing, a large brain-drain will occur within a few decades as the two populations intersperse, with one rapidly replacing the other in its prominence — the devastating affects of this brain-drain has yet to be felt this early on in the process, but it will come in the end.

If seeing the rampant spike in migrant-caused crime hadn’t already convinced you that there is a demographic problem brewing — the strong, empirical correlation between national average IQ and national success will:

As you can see, the Western nations tend to be placed in higher levels of national success.

The migrant crisis is importing chaos into an equation of order.

The correlation, and very likely causation, is indisputable – and needs to be considered with regards to the engineered European migrant crisis.

Read more about this topic and the science behind it.


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