Skripal Row: Over 100 Russian Diplomats Now Expelled Across EU & US

“The largest collective expulsion of Russian intelligence officers in history.”
Theresa May
Following the chemical attack earlier this month, further Western nations’ expulsions now amount to over 100 Russian diplomats:

  • US: 60 diplomats
  • EU countries: France (4); Germany (4); Poland (4); Czech Republic (3); Lithuania (3); Denmark (2); Netherlands (2); Italy (2); Estonia (1); Croatia (1); Finland (1); Latvia (1); Romania (1); Sweden (1)
  • Ukraine: 13
  • Albania: 2
  • Canada: 4

The Kremlin has denied any involvement in the attack and says Britain is orchestrating an anti-Russia campaign.

Gavin Williamson, UK Defense Secretary, stated:

“The Kremlin’s intention is to divide, and what we are seeing is the world uniting behind the British stance and that in itself is a great victory and sends an exceptionally powerful message to the Kremlin and President Putin.”

John Pilger, Australian Journalist, called the attack a “carefully constructed drama”:

Ray McGovern, a veteran CIA officer turned political activist gives his views on the situation:



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