The Bolton Appointment: Conflict Between Trump’s Words And Actions

No US president who wanted to get along with Russia would have appointed Bolton, an Iran Hawk who is close to pro-Israel groups, to be his National Security Adviser.

President Trump (belatedly) congratulated Russian President Putin on his smashing reelection and said, again, that he favored getting along with Russia.

Yet, how can Trump mean it when he follows up by appointing John Bolton, America’s most notorious warmonger, National Security Adviser? It makes no sense.

If neocons encircle Trump to the extent where his campaign promises are made impossible — then he has the obligation to resign in protest and/or explain the circumstances wherever possible. He has done neither, the situation inside the White House is not known, but what goes on outside the White House, i.e. the policy-making, is clear as day.

Trump is either an outright puppet or a reluctant puppet of the Zionist neocons. Either way, globalist foreign policy continues, while Trump speaks as if it’s not.

Bolton is the third national security adviser in 14 months. To Bolton, getting along with Russia requires Russia to be a US puppet state such as the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan, and all the rest. In other words, accept Washington’s hegemony or we will bomb you into the Stone Age.

John R. Bolton, notorious hawk and pro-Israel advocate.

Russia, desperate for a sign of hope, risks self-delusion by seizing on Trump’s gesture and ignoring Bolton’s appointment. No US president who wanted to get along with Russia would have appointed Bolton to be his National Security Adviser.

The constant drum beat of false allegations against Russia and the demonization of Putin, which has reached down into the British school system where children are being taught that “‘Toxic’ Putin is on mission to poison the West,” indicate that conflict with Russia was on the agenda prior to Bolton’s appointment.

Now that Putin has announced Russia’s new weapon systems, an array that clearly puts the US in an inferior position, hegemonic voices are rising that the US must strike Russia before the new superweapons are all deployed.

Russia would do well to avoid being put off guard by her unrealistic hope for peace and friendly words from Trump’s mouth.

This article was originally published at on March 23, 2018.

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