You’re “So Lucky”

I love how the MSM (Mainstream Media) doesn’t shy away from instilling a sense of guilt in the common man’s mind as a tool of radicalisation and activism suppression. The real problem with us is that we’re obsessed with inactivism, doing things that we’re told will make a difference and leaving it at that.

If you earn about $35,000 per annum you’re considered in the top 1%; that statistic is becoming increasingly useful in the control system, it can be roughly translated to:

“You should be thankful that you’re not quite as impoverished as the third world countries we’re exploiting and purposefully not developing.
Because you’re so special, you should shut up and cease complaining about the inherent and blatant flaws of our malevolently devised system and be a good little feminized, neutered and progressive liberal wage slave that loves their alcohol and sex fuelled, materialistic and conformist lifestyle; that is satisfied with action that extends only as far as buying fair trade, or doing a pointless, ineffective fun-run for a cul-de-sac, dead-end charity or foundation such as Cancer Research.”

I find it disgusting that they etch in the preclusion that being in the 1% warrants a mentality of gratefulness and passive obedience. Especially when the problems manifested are desperately calling for radical change against them, that change inadvertently will step on some toes in the long run but we’re afraid of that,  we are emasculated and afraid to insult somebody.

We are in a society obsessed with apologies and self-loathing, we are always branded the baddies in the equation, the perpetrators of climate change problems, slavery, white oppression and the focal point of all possible criminality as seen by all these crime watch shows on the tv. It is just not true at all. It is divisive and counter-productive.

In reality, the arbiters in the high tower are mainly to blame, taking their subtle, scathing rejections to heart will only give the power of divide and conquer — to them.

Their corporations are destroying the third world and outsourcing and suppressing third world workers. Their corporations are accountable for the biggest crimes of a generation: animal testing, TPP, slave workers, resource control, working alongside the corrupted world elite via the Council on Foreign Relations and Bilderbergers who’ve funded WW1 and WW2 and other big wars including modern day Syria, suppressing cancer cures, destroying innovative competition to secure a monopoly, pushing for poisoned food and water and the ultimate destruction of the world’s ecosystem, pushing Agenda 21 and the vision of the Georgia Guidestones which seeks to destroy the most powerful nation’s constitution and instate a corrupted socialist system as a guise for communism with a tax exempt, godlike elite ruling class.

I wouldn’t feel grateful or content with a $35,000 per year wage, that every so often suffers a staged economic collapse and renders me practically broke. Money is a tool for control that these days lacks even a morsel of substantiated backing from gold. 
If you’d rather cling on to what they tell you is valuable, you’re not a real person; but a product of the system, whose mental capacity adapts to externality only.

Why Bernie is bad for the USA

Bernie Sanders,  ‘feel the bern’ a candidate who seemingly is in the corner of the people, but in reality works against the fabric of a constitutional, free market, capitalist economy that has blessed the US in the past.

But why is he so bad?

He’s funded by the elite lobbyists, behind the scenes Bernie’s strings are being pulled. That is a huge point as is.

His socialist policies for welfare are going to appeal mainly to migrants who will flood into the states to leech off of the economy. This will boost the socialist vote in the future and keep socialism in power. More migrants will destabilize the economy and create cultural unrest to keep the people fighting against each other.

Because democracy is dead in the states, voting rigged etc — it can be safe to say that with Bernie, it won’t be Democratic socialism that’s in power, but closer to national socialism or communism. After all, who controls Bernie? The NWO banksters.

Free stuff, like state paid tuition fees is a classic bait and switch that will not be followed through. It also cannot be paid for without a defecit elsewhere. It’s only being done to entice the ignorant, liberal college goer.

The middle class will die under Bernie,  furthering a huge divide between the common man and their oligarchal rulers. Socialism thrives off levelling out a classist system.

Vladimir Lenin once said that Communism is the goal of socialism.

Socialism sounds great, but in reality it turns people against one another, with a free market capitalist economy there is healthy competition, with undemocratic socialism people will be trapped in a state of burdened,  glass ceiling hell with no room to expand businesses etcetera. Especially now with the TPP creating monopolies out of corporations who now rule the government through bribery.

What’s happening in the Middle East?

With the native populaces on a mass exodus, the US continuing strikes and convening false terror organisations, or at the very least funding them, (Which drive people out of the region, coincidentally), and the Russian military on a large scale intervention effort – all under the noses of the confused public: something big is taking place in this notorious region of struggle and strife, far from the lavish comforts of the Western beehive.

Have you heard that the Russians have now admitted to their ‘interests’ in the Middle East? They’ve finally stepped in, who said communism was the only expansionist foe in the game?

“The Russians say they are ready to give direct support, they’re not ashamed to admit it, they consider the Syrian army and Assad to be legitimate”

With the USA looking to oust Assad, and the Russians seeking to maintain his rule, we immediately have a revamp of the old school dichotomy of the West and East – is this the continued theater of the Middle-Eastern chapter of the Cold War?


It is in western interest to be the subtle colonial the middle-east, and as a result, exert their under-the-radar tyrannous rule with Agenda 21, let’s give some fair examples:

  • It is being done in Israel, an effective Western Colony instated after WW2, this is a given move of Imperialism, Obama openly supports Israel, it is the spot for much American migration. Israel is a puppet for US ‘defense efforts’ by ousting the ‘corrupt’ governments and instating American leaning/controlled ones.
  • It is being done by monopolizing the Saudi Peninsula and Gulf States, introducing the American Dollar as the base currency, and striking deals with Middle Eastern Oil companies.
  • Also, by controlling the mass exodus of migrants to Europe, which means winning over the hearts and minds of the natives. Which only further alienates those who oppose Western presence there.
  • Playing the propagandist’s role of the global ‘hero’ – the American mindset is ignorantly, and exclusively, of an antagonist and a protagonist, no in-between, no lateral field – people forget that everyone on the board can be out for corrupt means, not simply just one or another.
  • ISIS or ISIL are the baddies in this political equation, the Hegelian Dialectic comes into play, giving excuses for the migrant crisis to be allowed, for the US to escalate their involvement against ‘terrorism’ instate governments they want – and so on.
  • It’s not just in foreign policy, but the domestic scene also bears relevance, the Hyper-liberal social engineering at play throughout our social media portrays America not as the superpower they are, but an all-inclusive, anti-racist, universal hub for everyone, such an attractive fantasy, isn’t it? – so much so many people feel America should be left exempt of the critique of the free thinking eye.
  • Force an ethnic mix-up in Europe using the ‘desperados cause’ of migration, it will pledge people against each other so they’re easier to control under the masquerade of diversity and ‘liberty’

The “Migrant Crisis” is engineered.

Do you think politicians care about morality? The answer is most certainly no, especially when it comes to western politics. The annual cremation of care of the world elite proves that, not to mention near everyday news.

That can mean only one thing; the migrant crisis is engineered to be falsely based off our morality – out of ‘actually’ caring. At no point in any other modern global conflict have people accepted or called for migrants on a scale as large as this, why is Syria the one to get our attention?

It is in the interest of western politicians of course.

The ‘migrant crisis’ is perhaps a genius method of gaining a propaganda victory, winning over the public with this noble act of ‘humanitarianism’ a noble lie – while also continuing to push the 9/11 founded anti-extremism/terrorism agenda in a hyper-liberal western society, which doubtlessly is engineered towards getting people to mindlessly approve of NATO legislated military and diplomatic intervention, with the support of the ‘civilized’ – incidentally westernized, state of Israel. It’s all in the intricacies of the ‘soft’ and not particularly noticeable imperial western politics.

The anti-gay Russia seems a bit archaic in comparison, from a western perspective at least, the alienation of the East can only continue.