Psilocybin: The Answer To Mental Illness

Psychoactive entheogenic compounds such as psilocybin, which is present in 200 species of mushrooms, is a substance already naturally present in the matter of the human mind.

Of course, entheogenic compounds are suppressed by the pharmaceutical industry “studies” and sanctioned against by the powers-that-be; naturally occurring substances cannot be patented or reliably centralized as they occur in nature.

The decentralization of the human mind.

If entheogenic compounds became mainstream for medicinal use, the very lucrative psychology & counseling industry would go bust (or take a big hit), the huge SSRI drug industry (worth 16.8 billion dollars by 2020) would go under, not to mention that psilocybin can erase the effects of brainwashing by erasing fears and anxiety, boosting empathy and assisting to dissolve negative phenotypical neurological imprints; thus pushing back many years of costly social engineering — the shadow government’s worst nightmare is the decentralization of the human mind.

Works like a “surgical intervention”.

Yes, really. A five-year study of the drug suggests it could work “like a surgical intervention” for mental illness.

Other psychedelics, such as DMT, also have a similar effect in reforming priorly ingrained neural structures, an article from states:

“When any stimulus enters the brain, the brain tries to understand it based on previous experiences,” the video says. “This pattern is like a shortcut, activated every time we face a similar situation.” That’s why trauma or other powerful events can make such an impact when they occur early in life.

The architecture of trauma in the brain.

If you are attacked by a dog as a child, for example, your brain might automatically associate the experience with any canine encounter, causing you to fear dogs for the rest of your life. “We might even react adversely to a distant bark,” the film states. Even if you can logically recognize that every dog is not going to be a threat, your initial reaction could still be one of programmed fear. And if events are repeated with the same result, the patterns only reinforce their connections, building up like scar tissue.

That’s where psychedelics can help. “Ayahuasca hyperactivates the entire brain region where we store and process emotional memory, often uncovering long-forgotten memories,” the video says. “This hyperactivation enables the conscious part of the new brain to temporarily override previously entrenched patterns, allowing new connections to be made.”

Memories can then be reevaluated and experiences addressed with more distance from the reflexive reactions to previous trauma. For example, an ayahuasca journey could allow the person who is afraid of dogs to break the fear’s hold on their brain and move past the negative encounter.

“Ayahuasca users typically describe having emerged with new perspectives on past experiences and deeply rooted patterns of behavior,” the film concludes.

Similarly in psilocybin, brain-imaging studies have shown that the substance targets areas of the brain overactive in depression.

In depressed or traumatized people the connections between brain circuits in the “sense-of-self” region are too strong, the neurology is warped and they become dysfunctional, as the brain is an adaptive organ — under certain traumas it rewires itself into a rut, for some people fetal trauma means they live their lives accustomed to a personality and social attachment style that is maladjusted.

Psychedelics loosen these “sense-of-self”, overly self-conscious neural connections and create new ones and/or restore lost connections — psilocybin could provide intense relief and change the neural infrastructure from one of imbalanced self-defeat, to one of renewed balance.

Psilocybin boosts connectivity in many areas of the brain while slowing down areas associated with depression and stress. Graph illustrates.

The Lancet reported that psilocybin mushrooms were able to lift the severe depression of all twelve human volunteer participants, even though they had been struggling with the disease for an average of over seventeen years and despite that fact that none of the subjects had found relief with multiple rounds of standard anti-depressant medication.

This is a powerful substance that has the ability to totally shift human perception.

It’s no coincidence that many users of psilocybin often claim to see the world completely differently post-use.

I spoke to one psilocybin user who claimed the following:

“I have social anxiety but now there has been an increase in my comfort level while conversing with other people. I tend to be pessimistic and self-averse, but lately optimism and self-compassion have been major themes in my perception.”

The Mass-Migration Influx

Mass migration patterns have happened throughout history, and they have, for better of for worse, influenced the due course and destiny of the affected host nation or region.

Today, mass migration is being orchestrated for the same outcome, big change. Presently, this change as seen in Europe, falls under the intricately designed Globalist agenda; that is to alter and stamp-out stubborn western, Judeo-Christian cultural roots that prevent hyper-centralization.

To do this, one must prevent integration/cultural assimilation from disallowing the outcome you want to see: that is a retrograde, subservient populace, as seen in many middle-eastern nations that live under tyranny. You must introduce a new culture very rapidly to encourage enclaves, and discourage the incentive that would have come with assimilation, i.e. adaptability to gain favour in workplace and social circles. Globalists encourage Islamic figureheads in influential positions to trounce the need for assimilation, i.e. Sadiq Khan as Mayor of London, Malala Yousafzai as a Muslim cultural figurehead. The suppression of distinctively Western traditions, i.e. the denouncement of St. George’s Day for “inclusiveness” encourages Islamic migrants to disregard the host culture and set of values, they have a free pass. They are shaped to adore the big-brother state and ignore the values of liberty.

It takes an exhaustive campaign of indoctrination and propaganda to achieve this seclusion, a classic case of divide and conquer. The voices of Globalism seem louder and truer than all else, their false image of authority misguides the many, because they have money and assets (this does not mean they have any imperative), those that choose to listen to them day in, day out, those with their hearts and minds in the material world- these are the ones that willfully define their reality according to this constant reinforcement.

“Stop watching the news, because the news contrives to frighten you. To make you feel small and alone…” — Morrissey

Overriding and Undermining Western Culture.

I will stick to expanding on the topic of multiculturalism here, of course the introduction of other factors helps denigrate western values – but to stay on-topic, I will discuss multiculturalism exclusively.

The very term ‘multiculturalism’ is asking for people to live categorically apart, the term implies that multiple cultures can live under a single political and ideological roof, this is not so when the cultures at hand are radically different from one another.

Cultural differences have plagued empire-builders throughout history, Biblically God (YHWH), placed cultural differences as a barricade to a Babylonian world order.

‘Culture’ in itself is an umbrella term that incorporates political and ideological persuasions, people that forget this and look at the skin color (nothing to do with culture) and less pertinent differences between cultural definitions are missing the point; culture has political and ideological baggage in many cases, cultural Islam is one of these cases. ‘Multiculturalism’ is a misleading term in that it flaunts itself as progressive and tolerant, but in fact is hopelessly idealistic.

To override a presiding culture, you must make the target culture (western/white culture) fear the culture you intend to introduce (third world Islam), and vice versa make the introduced culture fear the target culture (i.e. playing the racism card, making everything about race and xenophobia). The result is division, by keeping the two cultures separate, you allow the qualities and attributes of one to not become assimilated with the one you want to eliminate or suppress.

Orchestrated terrorist events that point towards cultural Islam help stoke the flames of fear and hatred. Fear keeps people apart, and above all, distrustful of one another.

The pull factor to bring in the introduced culture will be free stuff, i.e. the welfare state and socialism, something as a mouth-watering incentive, and of course, open borders achieved through the EUs schengen area and porous border policies, it is so easy to take the sweet, low-hanging fruit dangled before them.

We Shouldn’t Simply Accept a Toxic Culture, but Neither Should We Hate It.

Of course, the culture that is to be introduced is an inferior, regressive culture, and the westernized host culture has every right to disdain it. However, if this disdain is expressed as blatant anger and hatred, and not moderate, patient understanding accompanying a desire to help fix the pitfalls of a toxic culture that is being imposed en masse, both cultures will simply live apart while the ‘migration crisis’ continues.

The higher birthrate of cultural Islam will mean that it will overtake and outnumber people holding Western-minded ideas very quickly within a few decades, as the family unit is the principal catalyst for passing-on values, the large Muslim families will win every-time in a western world with a falling birthrate and smaller families on average.

The situation that we are in (a designed mass-migration pattern) demands our collective to push to westernize as many third-world people as possible while seeking a skills-based limited migration program, not the cultural-replacement program (disguised as a refugee crisis) currently in effect. We must not alienate them, but instead demonstrate the perks of western civilization, we must quash the ‘slaver-white man’ and ‘imperialist-oppressor’ focused image pushed by the Globalist controlled media that serves to alienate and vilify the most progressive, uplifting culture and society the world has ever known, an embodiment of liberty worth preserving and spreading.

Will we let our cultural malleability caused by our collective fall in strong, immovable, western values permit the dominant, but inferior Islamic culture to overtake as the presiding power in the West alongside Globalism?


Blurred Lines

No, not the song title which serves to demean the term. It is the case that certain theories and ideas are framed in an entertainment sense to reduce their real-world relevance, I will tell you how ‘blurred lines’ refers to something a bit more sinister than Robin Thicke’s raunchy flirt.

The term ‘Blurred lines’ summarizes the state of human perceived reality afoot; blurred, lacking in clarity – we are held in a state of limbo, never truly understanding ourselves, and as a result we are precluded from understanding the true state of the world around us. Elite manipulators know that our conceived notions are sensory in interpretation, so they work to define the sensory stimuli we are exposed to, and as a result, gain the key to defining what we can, or cannot, see – and therefore how we behave, the decisions we make, etcetera.

Seeing the world as it really is, and not how you would like it to be, is the beginning of wisdom — Bertrand Russell

The human body, our home, in correct calibration & fully exempt from the clutches of tyranny, is capable of anything, those with the right knowledge & wisdom can know both themselves and their enemies, they can know what it takes to master their ‘self’ – if you can master the self, you can easily master others who know not the self, but only the material, Biblically this is significant, once we drop our material attachments, we can clear our eyes and see ourselves, and come to a state of understanding.

Slavery these days, like cold war engagements, is not ‘hot’, or immediately obvious in its numerous forms – the best form of slavery is the form by which the victim is unaware of his/her bondage, and perhaps even defends their situation, that is true mastery over an individual.

The last resort in any engagement, according to ancient Chinese general, military strategist, and philosopher, Sun Tzu, is to assault the citadel directly. All the other possible less direct methods must first be attempted.

The lowest is to attack a city. Siege of a city is only done as a last resort. — Sun Tzu

The prime way they enslave us is by indirect means, not by capturing and chaining us and making us work in a concentration camp, that’s too obvious and forges a perceivable dichotomy with two sides, making them exposed and a clear enemy to unite against, their methods make sure we do all the slavery voluntarily without ever realizing it; they will introduce chemicals to change our bodies and redefine us from a very early age, we grow up to accept our identity that has been formed by these toxic chemicals – mercury inhibits nutrient absorption for example, the result is slowed and impaired development of the brain – the end result of that is lower IQ, it is a proven fact that lower IQ individuals work in lower class jobs and often are not engaged in political discourse, there you have a slave that doesn’t even know they’re a slave, all because we forfeited our knowledge of self.

Conversely, someone who knows of the interconnections and scientific truths present in the world, knows that the body can be manipulated indirectly – they see past superficial things like ‘food’ just being food, or ‘water’ just being water, or government as a father figure to trust – they have the knowledge and know-how to tend to the many invisible chains that bind them, and as a result can cure themselves of the designed illness imposed upon them.

As detailed in the video, repetition leads to reinforcement, and reinforcement to changes in behavior. Reward-based activity is the crack that keeps the scientifically illiterate commoner (the majority of the population) firmly on strings. It is the crave-worthy release in dopamine that acts as an addictive drug in likeness, those who cannot command their body cannot hope to command anything, they forfeit themselves to those who know how to rule themselves.

Hence why ‘acceptable behavior’ is praised by the media and in mainstream school, acceptable opinions and veins of thought in core education establishments are given ‘good marks’ by the liberal-leaning lecturers and teachers, a certain self-perception is reinforced and as everyone else was also born into this system, the consensus favors the indoctrination, dissenters are rare.

We are taught from an early age to love authority unquestioningly, and that to regurgitate useless information utterly bereft of independent thought or critical thinking equates to intellect. This behavioral reinforcement widely occurs for over a decade before we are released into the world utterly brainwashed, where we fit ourselves into their system with the characteristics that they desire.

We are addicted to pleasure, dopamine runs our lives, more and more so from a very young age. This dissuades patience and discipline, nobody wants to sit down and hone a skill, or read a book to gain knowledge and wisdom – we crave instant stimulation and we live our lives according to that, but nothing of value ever comes from instantaneous acquisition.

Timothy 3:1-9 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God — having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

It’s no wonder the social media attention-seeking, narcissistic lifestyle is rampant, people seek the dopamine of getting a like, the dopamine of seeing a new post with every refresh, the result is that we are held from understanding the world and trapped by our own ignorance and sheer lack of self-discipline. Many people never make it out of a narcissists’ lifestyle, they are forever trapped in the meaningless folly of their flesh. This gives evil the opportunity to take advantage of such weaknesses, our apathy makes us easy targets for those who seek to do real harm.

Romans 8:6 For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

The lack of spiritual discernment, and love of the carnal pleasures will lead to the great deception and falling away that will occur during the fourth World Kingdom.

2 Timothy 3:6-7 loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.

Anyone who cares about either money or narcissistic pursuits can be infiltrated and compromised; and nearly everyone does care about both of those two things. Time to make yourself the exception.

Matthew 6:24 No man can work for two masters, for either he will hate one and will love the other, or he will honor one and the other he will ignore. You cannot work for God and for money.

Other grand lies imposed upon us include the simplified good/bad paradigm that is repeated across the globalist showbiz world, the clear-cut divide of good and evil permeates most entertainment, with the odd exception. Good and evil is shown in a very elementary way, it is a far-cry from reality where our enemies are present in more illusive ways.

‘Good’ and ‘bad’ is repeatedly shown to battle with all the banners and colours and in situations where it is obvious who is who, it takes the form of the most superficial versus situation possible. This lie is being drilled into our heads, that evil is always external, that our own nations should be trusted unquestioningly, i.e. Captain America, or Batman working with the local authorities, we constantly see superheroes working against ‘criminals’ which are never powerful oligarchs, which in reality is the real problem.