The gallery, where I’ll post interesting images that I’ve come across:

An interesting insight on the hexagram, 666 is represented in the geometry.
33, an important number in Freemasonry.
All the sections of the UN logo add to 33, a reference to Freemasonry.
A Masonic reference to humans and their basal primacy. The original sin, our awareness of sin, good/evil, the genitalia. Here, in Masonic attire, this seems to be glorified or at least highlighted, this seems a Satanic practice.
The process of bringing order out of chaos, Ordo ab Chao, an occult Masonic principle.
Understanding spiritual Judaism as opposed to Satanic Judeo-Masonry.
The dating preferences of women will always favour masculinity, even if that masculinity is found in a low IQ, assertive, and aggressive African man.