The gallery, where I’ll post interesting images that I’ve come across (ongoing work):

An interesting insight on the hexagram, 666 is represented in the geometry.
33, an important number in Freemasonry.
All the sections of the UN logo add to 33, a reference to Freemasonry.
A Masonic reference to humans and their basal primacy. The original sin, our awareness of sin, good/evil, the genitalia. Here, in Masonic attire, this seems to be glorified or at least highlighted, this seems a Satanic practice. Unlike other bestial animals, humans are the only species to cover up, suggesting that we are fallen, yet have a higher self to us too.
The process of bringing order out of chaos, Ordo ab Chao, an occult Masonic principle.
Understanding spiritual Judaism as opposed to Satanic Judeo-Masonry.
The dating preferences of women will always favour masculinity, even if that masculinity is found in a low IQ, assertive, and aggressive African man. Another perspective is that white women, corrupted into their basal polygamous nature by the powers that be have made white men turn to the untainted oriental women.
Enoch Powell MBE. Delivered the famous Rivers of Blood speech of 1968 warning of the eminent threat of mass immigration to the UK. “We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependents, who are for the most part the material of the future growth of the immigrant descended population. It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre.” In an interview for Today shortly after her departure from office as Prime Minister in 1990, Margaret Thatcher said that Powell had “made a valid argument, if in sometimes regrettable terms”. Thirty years after the speech, Edward Heath said that Powell’s remarks on the “economic burden of immigration” had been “not without prescience”.
The Celtic Tree of Life, has a distinctly toroidal shape which reflects the self-replenishing continuity of existence itself, death and life in tandem. A powerful symbol.
The Satanic Hexagram composed of thirteen stars (Judas being the 13th apostle, the one that will betray Jesus), also known as the “Star of David” and falsely attributed to Biblical Judaism. This is a Satanic, Solomonic, Freemasonic symbol of Zionism, clearly seen on the dollar bill; the globalist elite always leave their mark for those who can understand it.
Bohemian Grove’s slogan, “Weaving Spiders Come Not Here”, as if to imply their deeds are guiltless, an ironic proclamation. In the center we see the Owl God Moloch, a Satanic symbol that refers to the anti-light; the ability for the owl to “see in the dark” (inversion of the light).
Le musée du cinéma (Turin)
Take a look at the “Star of David” (Hexagram) on this model of Moloch. It is yet another piece of evidence supporting the claim that such a symbol is one bearing Satanic roots.
This explains why today history is being rewritten, blacks in medieval times, confederate statues being torn down, Marxism polluting courses across the board, need I say any more?
Fiat Lux, translated as “Let light be made”, the Luciferian idea that man is God, he is the sole Creator of his destiny.
Moloch, the owl – in the architecture of Washington D.C.
Washington D.C. – The inverted Pentagram, directly north, where the torch of enlightenment sites is the North American Freemasonic HQ.
The Goathead, Baphomet, one form of Satan.
Never forget the two towers that collapsed according to the deep state’s plan. The one that fell without a plane hitting it will forever be hidden under a media blackout.
This can’t be a coincidence, surely?
Both parties are two faces of the same coin, both have been infiltrated. The same is the case with nearly every “democracy” on earth: people vote for the promise, but elect a puppet.