Heightened femininity in men

Femininity in men is on the rise,  the feminist movement, combined with that of the gay rights,  promotes the openness to femininity that is killing off narcissistic traits that are necessary for people to take any vital initiative.

In a generation of basement bound people, introverted,  scared and unwilling to step to a pedestal – the global elite have little worry for crime, for assertion and for possible contenders to their position.

This collateralised implication of female dominance over male, notice Ronda Rousey?  Notice Hillary Clinton?  comes with homosexuality,  50 percent of teen people in the UK on average have said they are not completely straight.
Destroying ‘natural’ sexuality eliminates the natural system of reproduction and allows for mentality and population levels to become politicized and manipulated.

Being liberal and saying people have rights is true but the Elite will always pounce on the opportunity to hide in the grey zones where nobody really knows for sure what is PC.