Venezuela: Economic Warfare Brings Nation To Its Knees

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Which is mightier; the pen or the sword? In the case of the recent upheaval in Venezuela, the pen is the obvious answer.

The bankers fight using the pen — the pen that signs the paperwork to impose the sanctions that incur mass starvation, dissolve order, hike prices, and bring nations to their knees — Venezuela is in the crosshairs this time.

Last year, U.S. President Donald Trump signed a determination that singled out Venezuela for failing to adhere to counternarcotics obligations. The accusation came – perhaps not so coincidentally – on the same day that Venezuela declared it would no longer participate in the U.S.’ petrodollar trade system.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro made his position clear, he had stated earlier in that month that the country would look to “free” itself from the dollar within a week’s time, following the U.S.’ sanctions against the embattled nation.

The decision is similar to that once made by former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, who dropped the dollar in favor of the euro a few years prior to the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq, we all know how that ended.

International markets thus far have failed to noticeably react to the policy shift, despite the threat it presents to the petrodollar system. The system, created in the 1970s, calls for OPEC nations to sell their oil in dollars in order to create artificial demand for the U.S. currency, a fiat currency based on thin air — held together by force.

Venezuela, home to the world’s largest oil reserves, is likely to exert some effect on the demand for dollars through its new policy, though the extent of the potential damage remains unclear. What is clear is that it means enough for the U.S. to declare a financial soft war in retaliation.

Millions of Venezuelans have seen their living conditions vastly improved through the Bolivarian process which shifted the focus away from compliance to the Western Banking Cartel.

The problems plaguing the Venezuelan economy are not due to some inherent fault in socialism, but to artificially low oil prices and sabotage by forces hostile to the revolution.

Starting in 2014, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia flooded the market with cheap oil. This is not a mere business decision, but a calculated move coordinated with U.S. and Israeli foreign policy goals. Despite not just losing money, but even falling deep into debt, the Saudi monarchy continues to expand its oil production apparatus. The result has been driving the price of oil down from $110 per barrel, to $28 in the early months of this year. The goal is to weaken these opponents of Wall Street, London, and Tel Aviv, whose economies are centered around oil and natural gas exports.

Venezuela is one of those countries. Saudi efforts to drive down oil prices have drastically reduced Venezuela’s state budget and led to enormous consequences for the Venezuelan economy.

At the same time, private food processing and importing corporations launched a coordinated campaign of sabotage. This, coupled with the weakening of a vitally important state sector of the economy, has resulted in inflation and food shortages. The artificially low oil prices have left the Venezuelan state cash-starved, prompting a crisis in the funding of the social programs that were key to strengthening the United Socialist Party.

Corruption is a big problem in Venezuela and many third-world countries. This was true prior to the Bolivarian process, as well as after Hugo Chavez launched his massive economic reforms. In situations of extreme poverty, people learn to take care of each other. People who work in government are almost expected to use their position to take care of their friends and family. Corruption is a big problem under any system, but it is much easier to tolerate in conditions of greater abundance. The problem has been magnified in Venezuela due to the drop in state revenue caused by the low oil prices and sabotage from food importers.

Venezuelans told of how the privatizations mandated by the International Monetary Fund made life in Venezuela almost unlivable during the 1990s. Garbage wouldn’t be collected. Electricity would go off for weeks. Haido Ortega, a member of a local governing body in Venezuela, said: “Under previous governments we had to burn tires and go on strike just to get electricity, have the streets fixed, or get any investment.”

Chavez took office on a platform advocating a path between capitalism and socialism. He restructured the government-owned oil company so that the profits would go into the Venezuelan state, not the pockets of Wall Street corporations. With the proceeds of Venezuela’s oil exports, Chavez funded a huge apparatus of social programs.

After defeating an attempted coup against him in 2002, Chavez announced the goal of bringing Venezuela toward “21st Century Socialism.” Chavez quoted Marx and Lenin in his many TV addresses to the country, and mobilized the country around the goal of creating a prosperous, non-capitalist society.

In 1998, Venezuela had only 12 public universities, today it has 32. Cuban doctors were brought to Venezuela to provide free health care in community clinics. The government provides cooking and heating gas to low-income neighborhoods, and it’s launched a literacy campaign for uneducated adults.

During the George W. Bush administration, oil prices were the highest they had ever been. The destruction of Iraq, sanctions on Iran and Russia, strikes and turmoil in Nigeria — these events created a shortage on the international markets, driving prices up.

Big oil revenues enabled Chavez and the United Socialist Party to bring millions of Venezuelans out of poverty. Between 1995 and 2009, poverty and unemployment in Venezuela were both cut in half.

After the death of Chavez, Nicolas Maduro has continued the Bolivarian program. “Housing Missions” have been built across the country, providing low-income families in Venezuela with places to live. The Venezuelan government reports that over 1 million modern apartment buildings had been constructed by the end of 2015.

The problems currently facing Venezuela started in 2014. The already growing abundance of oil due to hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, was compounded by Saudi Arabia flooding the markets with cheap oil. The result: massive price drops. Despite facing a domestic fiscal crisis, Saudi Arabia continues to expand its oil production apparatus.

The price of oil remains low, as negotiations among OPEC states are taking place in the hopes that prices can be driven back up. While American media insists the low oil prices are just the natural cycle of the market at work, it’s rather convenient for U.S. foreign policy. Russia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and the Islamic Republic of Iran all have economies centered around state-owned oil companies and oil exports, and each of these countries has suffered the sting of low oil prices.

The leftist president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, has already been deposed due to scandal surrounding Petrobras, the state-owned oil company which is experiencing economic problems due to the falling price of oil. Although much of Brazil’s oil is for domestic consumption, it has been revealed that those who deposed her coordinated with the CIA and other forces in Washington and Wall Street, utilizing the economic fallout of low oil prices to bring down the Brazilian president.

The son of President Ronald Reagan has argued that Obama intentionally drove down oil prices not just to weaken the Venezuelan economy, but also to tamper the influence of Russia and Iran, Trump has continued this foreign policy.

Writing for Townhall in 2014, Michael Reagan bragged that his father did the same thing to hurt the Soviet Union during the 1980s:

“Since selling oil was the source of the Kremlin’s wealth, my father got the Saudis to flood the market with cheap oil.

Lower oil prices devalued the ruble, causing the USSR to go bankrupt, which led to perestroika and Mikhail Gorbachev and the collapse of the Soviet Empire.”

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WW3 by False Flag Attack

Hillary has proposed an active military response against Russia if a cyber attack were to take place that could prospectively kill innumerable, the scary thing is that this is now legislated as an acceptable response; neocon shadow government has held this as a viable reaction to something that can easily be orchestrated, it just takes a slight prompt and all could go to oblivion.

Cyber Attack False Flag

An EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) that could be falsely linked back to Moscow as a cyber attack might be in the works among the Globalist inner-circles, the next major ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ or ‘9/11’ false flag attack; but this one must kill many thousands, to permit WW3 against the Russians, and possibly the Chinese and draw from a world inflamed amidst chaos – a New World Order; one that proposes peaceable utopia, but propagates the contrary.

“What would a successful EMP attack look like? The EMP Commission, in 2008, estimated that within 12 months of a nationwide blackout, up to 90% of the U.S. population could possibly perish from starvation, disease and societal breakdown.”

While that figure (90%) may seem extraordinary, the implications of high population areas lacking adequate electricity means the fluency of the logistical facets at all levels of human society will be slowed exceptionally; many will inevitably die. This will incur panic, and an emotionally charged reaction, to deal with the cause of the issue.

The Globalists, snug in their padded bunkers will call the shots from behind the lines, having garnered a rally of public support in vanquishing the claimed ‘source’ of hardship and suffering; it will undoubtedly be Putin’s Russia as the strawman, the consequences of such popular permission for war will probably trigger full-blown nuclear conflict, a conflict that will end the world as we know it, unopposed in the state of its initiation due to an array of factitious maneuvers rendering popular opposition null and void.

The Dead of the Night

A blackout in the USA gives the opportunity for the Globalist corrupt to shut down major public domain communications, including the internet – and therefore act without accountability to the chance of widespread popular public resistance. In the dead of the night it has even been suggested FEMA camps will be put to use to imprison dissenter targets (patriots, anti-government individuals etc) already logged and predetermined as ‘terrorist’ targets, long before the ‘blackout’ event. The brainwashed servicemen and women will simply ‘follow orders’ and imprison these people.

Major Orchestrated Chaos Will Be Afoot

In the heat of this hectic chaos, and without the network of public communications to hamper big government overstepping the mark; a war with Russia can be and will be pursued without the threat of a large ‘rebellion’ rallying to diffuse such a conflict. Radios and rudimentary forms of communication will be the resort; mostly dominated by Globalist held stations that will blare propaganda to the unsuspecting public, blaming the Russians/East as responsible for the blackout.

The Globalists, in the shadows, will stir a public malaise; inculcated in a manufactured cocoon of deceit and propaganda from a blackout, to be exploited, to divide and rule the oblivious Western people in what remaining basic communication can be used. All awhile, the Globalists shall carry out the ‘necessary’ atrocities to eliminate their few remaining rivals in the world and usher in a world government.


The false-flag FEMA camp entrapment will ensure potential resistance is silenced, (in a time of national crisis). How this will be carried out is up to speculation, but I assume it will either be forcible or initially innocuous with ‘come, it is not safe as you lack electricity…’ etc and thus the potent dissenters will leave their homes in the name of security, and shall be subdued or held in these camps until after the conflict with Russia and the East has concluded, and the New World Order has been established.

Alleged locations of FEMA camps, lying dormant for a national crisis.

Nuclear Weapons Incidentally also Create an EMP Blast.

Characteristically, EMP waves are not too far removed from nuclear explosions themselves, being a common secondary impact. This may point to the shadow government intending to stage a nuclear attack, maybe even detonating something. Of course this is the lesser likelihood of possible staged events, but one still very realistic nonetheless – it would completely smear Russian credibility and give the wholehearted impression that Russia is the enemy ‘of the world’ – something lucrative to Globalist warmongers; the diminutive cost of human life is negligible if it means world government can be ushered into materialization, no measure of human loss is too steep for a circle of people that attend an event dubbed the ‘cremation of care’ on an annual basis.

Time is Running Out

I don’t warm to fear-mongering, such journalism is bloated and misleading. But the Globalist heads have little time to realize their desire, the event horizon is coming as the global population begins to realize the plan afoot, as the finger slips from the shadows to the commonly known – The ‘event’ that will see a push for world government and mass depopulation may just be around the corner.