A Brief History Of The Rothschild Banking Family


You may not know it, but the Rothschilds, a Jewish banking family, has been hidden behind the curtains of civilization pulling the strings on almost every ill inflicted on western society for over 200 years.


1763: The founding of the House of Rothschild and the New World Order by Meyer Amschel Bauer who was taught by his father, a banker. Amschel Moses Bauer taught his son, Meyer, everything about moneylending and finance. Meyer then went to work for the Oppenhiemer’s bank.


He found much success in this endeavor and later returned home, purchased his father’s business and renamed it Rothschild aka “Red Shield” in German.


Working with the Oppenhiemers, Meyer Rothschild learned that lending money to governments was more profitable than lending to individuals – AT INTEREST!


Towards the end of Meyer’s life, he sends his 5 sons Nathan, Salomon, Anselm, Carl and James to different countries across Europe to establish family banks.


Salomon was sent to Austria, Carl traveled to Italy, James to France, Nathan to London and Anslem stayed in Frankfurt, Germany. This was accurately depicted in the 1934 Hollywood movie ‘The House of Rothschild’.


To this day, the Rothschild family remains the dominant and commanding force behind Globalism, Zionism, phony environmentalism (the “Global Warming” scam) and Liberalism.


1774: The British Currency Act is introduced which forbids the American colonies from issuing their own debt-free currency.


A combination of the Tea Act of 1773, the Currency Act and the Boston Massacre sparked a revolutionary spirit throughout the colonies.


The Rothschilds finance the British resistance while Jewish money-lender Haym Salomon funds the American Revolution.

This conflict greatly weakened both sides, leaving both vulnerable for future takeovers and heavily in debt.


In 1776, the Jew Adam Weishaupt establishes ‘The Illuminati’ which was a secret society for wealthy socialites.

They disbanded in 1784. Weishaupt was an acquaintance of the Rothschild family and was funded by them. In secret, they plotted to further their New World Order agenda.


1789: The French Revolution overthrows the Monarchy of France. King Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette & 40,000 others are killed by Jacobans.

British historian Nesta Webster, indicates a “foreign” source funding the Jacobans with hopes of starting “worldwide revolution.”


Throughout the years of 1798 – 1815 Rothschild banks are established all across Europe. The brothers had succeeded in their mission.


1790: Thomas Jefferson & Alexander Hamilton clash over the 1st Bank. Hamilton wins and the First Central Bank of America is founded.

Alexander Hamilton was a New York banker, educated in a Jewish school and founder of the 1st Bank of America – a clear Rothschild agent.


1799: The Rothschilds encounter their first major obstacle for world financial conquest – the French revolutionary leader Napoleon Bonaparte.


When Nathan Rothschild heard of Napoleon’s return from exile, he instructed his workers to start selling bonds on the Stock market.

This caused everyone to believe Napoleon had won and so proceeded to sell everything they had off in the Stock market too. 1934 film below.


However, when Nathan heard of the victory at Waterloo through carrier pigeon, he bought up everything at the Stock market at rock bottom prices.

This is something that is VITAL to understand. This is how the Rothschilds bought up Britain.


1811: The Bank of America’s 20 year charter is about to expire. President James Madison refuses to renew the charter as he disliked the central banking system. Britain soon threatens war.


1814: The Rothschild financed war brought British forces to Washington D.C to protest the expiration of the bank. They burn the White House.


Eventually, a storm extinguishes the fire and both countries makes peace through negotiations. In 1816, the 2nd Central Bank is established. America now once again belongs to the Rothschilds. Within just 3 years, the Bank creates its first panic known as the Panic of 1819.


The Panic of 1825 is engineered by the Bank of England. Throughout 1832-35, President Andrew Jackson battles with Bank boss Nicholas Biddle.

Andrew Jackson runs his entire campaign on “killing the bank” and kill the Bank he later did.


1835: Jackson pays off the National debt and closes the Central Bank. The Rothschilds now begin assassinations attempts on Jackson. All attempts on Jackson’s life ultimately fail.


In 1836, the 2nd Central Bank of America is finally killed, and America will remain free of Rothschild clutches until 1913 when the bill for the Federal Reserve was passed.


Little known fact: Karl Marx, a German Jew and author of ‘The Communist Manifesto’, was related to the Rothschild family through marriage.


1840-1880: 7 assassination attempts are carried out against Queen Victoria. This sends a message of intimidation to the Royal Family.

To this day, the Rothschild’s banking dynasty is run from the financial district ‘The City of London.’ The Queen does not dare confront them.


The Rothschilds financed BOTH sides during the American Civil War. The aim was to weaken both sides, afterwards taking control of America and consolidate power in Britain.


1865: President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. He defied the Rothschilds by printing debt-free money called ‘Greenbacks.’


1881: American President James Garfield is shot and later dies from the infected wound. Garfield despised the bankers. Another assassination?


1881: Communist Reds finally assassinate Russia’s Czar Alexander II after SEVERAL failed attempts. The Rothschilds are now after Russia, as their money supply remains free of their control. Multiple attempts were also made on Kaiser Wilhelm’s life.


1894: The Communist Reds kill the popular French President Marie Francois Sadi Carnot. He was close friends with Czar Alexander III.


1897: Communist Reds kill Spanish Prime Minister Antonio Canovas. 1898: Communist Reds kill Elisabeth of Austria. Both were popular, nationalistic leaders that were not interested in co-operating with the money-lenders.


The blood-lust of the violent Communist Reds inspired to act on propaganda can be seen today with the Antifa movement who can be described as modern day Reds. “Foot soldiers of the Rothschilds” if you will.


So we approach the 20th Century! This has been but a mini-compilation of events of the Rothschilds from inception to 1900. If you want a more comprehensive read then please read the book duology ‘Planet Rothschild’ which is an epic chronology of events.


For the Rothschilds, the 20th Century was a pivotal time that saw their most success but also their mightiest of obstacles. The most monumental was the German leader Adolf Hitler.


Let’s get a silly myth of the way – that Hitler was a Rothschild agent. This bizarre conspiracy theory is ludicrous and holds no weight. Hitler ARRESTED a Rothschild for his banking practices.


Adolf Hitler and the rise of Fascism in Europe w/ Benito Mussolini of Italy, Oswald Mosley of Britain and Corneliu Zelea Condreanu of Romania, was a major threat to the Rothschild’s New World Order. National Socialism/Fascism was sweeping across all of Europe.



China Can Succeed With Petro-Yuan Where Gaddafi Failed

Muammar Gaddafi wanted to shatter the dominance of the greenback in the Middle East by introducing gold-backed dinar, but failed. China has a chance to finish what she started, one industry expert has told RT.

“Ideas related to oil trade in currencies other than the dollar arose more than once. Some of them were severely suppressed by the United States, one example is Muammar Gaddafi, who proposed the introduction of a regional currency gold dinar and trading oil in the Middle East in this currency,” Aleksandr Egorov, foreign exchange strategist at TeleTrade said.

However, this time, an attempt to oust the dollar could be successful. China has launched oil futures backed by yuan, and Beijing has what Gaddafi didn’t, according to the expert.

“Along with the Chinese role in the global economy and the growing interest in the renminbi, China is also protected by a nuclear shield. It can afford to try to shatter the monopoly in oil trade. This will give even more weight to the Chinese yuan. In addition, China’s economy is the world’s largest consumer of oil, and consequently, all world producers of raw materials will have to reckon with the strategy of the Chinese authorities,” Egorov said.

According to the analyst, the timing for the launch of the petro-yuan is perfect. Key oil producers Russia, Iran and Venezuela are under pressure from US sanctions, and it is a good moment for them to ditch the dollar in oil trade and substitute it with the yuan.

Mikhail Mashchenko, an analyst at social network for investors eToro, agrees.

“From the point of view of Russia’s geopolitics, it is certainly beneficial to reduce the role of the dollar in foreign trade. And it has been done, let’s recall the record growth of the country’s gold reserves. The other states that are constantly under the threat of new sanctions, like Iran and Venezuela, can profit, too. The contracts in RMB will allow to trade oil without US approval.”

Both analysts agree that it will take time before the petro-yuan can become a real threat to the dollar. China needs to win the support of the world’s largest oil producers Russia and Saudi Arabia, or the initiative is doomed, says Mashchenko. He added that the yuan is fully controlled by Beijing, which could also spook potential investors.

Why petro-yuan may become biggest game-changer of all time in capital markets

The historic launch of the long-awaited trading of Chinese crude futures this week has stirred up a heated debate among analysts as to whether the new commodity product will prosper or flop.

Some market analysts expressed doubts over the success of the petro-yuan, citing Beijing’s yearning for total control over trading as one of the key reasons for a potential bust. “The government has been eager to encourage liquidity and paper trading, but of course the issue with paper trading is speculative trading that the government wants to keep at bay,” Michal Meidan, an analyst at energy market consultancy Energy Aspects, told Bloomberg prior to the launch.

Meanwhile, the high costs of oil storage for delivery into the Shanghai Futures Exchange may scare potential investors away from the new contracts, according to industry analysts. “Storage plays a crucial role in linking cash and futures markets. Many speculators, such as proprietary traders and hedge funds, may be scared away,” said Jian Yang, a research director at the JP Morgan Center for Commodities in the University of Colorado Denver, as quoted by the agency.

However, China’s yuan-backed oil futures managed to make a strong debut on Monday with overnight trade volumes initially outstripping transactions of internationally recognized benchmark Brent. Some 62,500 contracts reportedly changed hands during the first session, as domestic and international oil investors joined the trading.

The impressive start gives deeper cause for optimism about the newcomer with some analysts qualifying oil futures denominated in China’s currency as a game-changer in the world of financial trading.

“This is the single biggest change in capital markets, maybe of all time,”

… said Hayden Briscoe, APAC head of fixed income at UBS Asset Management, as quoted by Reuters.

According to the analyst, the move to trade oil in yuan will diminish the role of the greenback in global financial markets. If market participants, including US corporations, opt to trade yuan-backed contracts, this could easily strengthen the Chinese currency and, at the same time, weaken the dollar.

“This helps cement the exchange’s viability and challenges the petro-dollar system, in which oil deals are executed in dollars. This would decrease demand for the greenback and boost US inflation,” Briscoe said.

With crude oil becoming a great chunk of modern international commerce, the potential impact of the new product on oil market dynamics and on global monetary and financial systems could be correspondingly great.

The Chinese government has been offering a win-win cooperation with the West. Now, it is tired of dealing with the constantly shifting positions of the British Empire. The critics, of course, will never ran out of issues including China being part of the Old Paradigm. But how can we exactly transition to a resource-based society if not by first laying down the groundwork which should make the current system irrelevant?

If we transition to the resource-based economy overnight, do we still have people working in the farm lands and power plants tomorrow? Or, do we need to establish the autonomous systems first which will make these tedious jobs obsolete?

Don’t we need to build the nuclear power plants first, so we can make available the free energy that the households and automated systems need to power on with?

Or, do we prefer the one-time dole out of the so-called prosperity programs like NESARA, which even Trump is not heard to even mention about?

Social designs like the Venus Project needs a peaceful transition from our existing hierarchical setup, and it is in fact the unavoidable consequence when the RIC Alliance has fully implemented its relevant technologies, e.g. transmutation of elements, hybrid nuclear fusion-fission power, and plasma technologies, without the constant interference of the West.

We judge best when we try to condemn just for the sake of condemning that which we don’t fully understand. It is absolutely wrong to analyze the actions of the leaderships in the East with the same mindset prevalent in the Western culture.

The East talk a lot less than their Western counterparts, but they do the necessary work diligently.

The desire for total dominance is never acceptable for the Orientals, and that is very visible in the attitude of the Chinese engineers facilitating the transfer of construction technology to the Africans, as shared in the last article.

Negative appreciation about what China is presently doing can only come from false pride.

From Covert Geopolitics.

The Significant Genetic Disparity Between Ashkenazi Jews and Other Races

The genetic disparity between the races has huge implications — and explains the hierarchy of dominance seen throughout human history, and how the Ashkenazi “Jews” (not the religion, but the ethnicity) have always had a more effective capacity to be criminals — because better genetics enabled every instance of a criminal Ashkenazi to operate at a more significant level than any other criminal incidence of any other race.

The extent of Ashkenazi influence has been remarkably large in many countries, despite their very small representation in the world population:

For example in Austria during the 1873-1910 period Jews made up 40% of the directors of the public banks, 70% of the members of Vienna Stock Exchange, 62% of lawyers, 50% of doctors, 57% of journalists, 25% of university faculty members, and 50% of directors who had directorships in more than 7 industrial companies simultaneously.

In Germany during the 1908-1911 period Jews were 36% of prominent businessmen and 21.7% of millionaires. 31% of the 29 families owning more than 50 million marks were Jewish.

If we look to international banker families, we can see that Ashkenazi genes are involved in most examples of major financial families:

The Rothschild banking family has Ashkenazi genes. Pictured: Lord Jacob Rothschild


The Lehman banking family has Ashkenazi genes. Pictured: Emanuel Lehman
The Warburg banking family has Ashkenazi genes. Pictured: Max Warburg
The Lazard banking family has Ashkenazi genes. Pictured: Solomon Lazard
The Sieff banking family has Ashkenazi genes. Pictured: Israel Moses Sieff
The Goldman-Sachs banking family has Ashkenazi genes. Pictured: Marcus Goldman

The Ashkenazi Jew is consistently found at the tip of the power pyramid, or in the vicinity of it, in many cases throughout history, but why is this?

A Jewish conspiracy? Not by design — but by genetic and cultural coincidence.

We can rationalize the Jewish Question. We can understand the cause of international Jewry.

By looking at the biology and the underlying racial characteristics we can easily understand why ethnic Jews are represented in society as they are.

Today’s Ashkenazi Jews have a higher average mathematical and verbal IQ and an unusual cognitive profile compared to other ethnic groups, with somewhat lower spikes in spatial intelligence.

Statistically, only about four in 1,000 Europeans have IQs higher than 140, but for Ashkenazi Jews the figure is 23 in 1,000.

The various environmental and genetic factors that bring about this representation will be covered somewhat extensively in this article.

What is the Ashkenazi ethnicity?

The Ashkenazis are the product of an ethnic group converting to Judaism — Shlomo Sand has argued in the book The Invention of the Jewish People and elsewhere that many Jewish groups came about primarily through the religious conversion of local people.

Not to be confused with Sephardic Jews, Mizrahi Jews, Ethiopian Jews or any other ethnic Jew — Ashkenazi Jews were likely once the Khazars, a people of the Turkoid race that converted to Judaism in approximately the 8th century. Hence why the ethnicity today has the suffix “Jew”, because the ethnicity has been intertwined with the religion for so long, taking on Judaism in an tribal, Talmudic sense, as encouraged by the underlying Ashkenazi genes.

Eran Elhaik, a research associate studying genetics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health concluded from autosomal DNA that European Jews did, in fact, have a Khazarian, (and trans-Siberian) background.

Read more on the origins of ethnic Jews at American Renaissance.

Northeast Asians and Whites are genetically not too far behind Ashkenazis, but still far enough to see a noticeable difference.

Ashkenazi Jews are a genetically distinct population, and the analysis of 128 complete Ashkenazi genomes shows just how distinct they are. Compared to genomes of modern Europeans — in this case, the genomes of 26 Flemish people — the Ashkenazi genomes have 47 percent more novel DNA differences per genome.

This explains why Ashkenazis hold enough of an advantageous genetic difference to exploit the other races, not because the Ashkenazi ethnic group is innately “evil”, but because every incidence of human malice under the Ashkenazi genome is far more capable of exercising that malice relative to other races. As explained by the below chart:

The Ashkenazi Jewish ethnicity has the highest IQ, this naturally translates to all conceivable forms of influence and power.
18,000 years ago. The inhabited climate of the ancient Ashkenazis was likely in the glaciated northern hemisphere.

“Caucasoids and Mongoloids who live in their homelands and in recently colonized regions, such as North America, did not rise to their present population levels and positions of cultural dominance by accident. They achieved all this because their ancestors occupied the most favorable of the earth’s zoological regions, in which other kinds of animals also attained dominance during the Pleistocene. These regions had challenging climates and ample breeding grounds and were centrally located within continental land masses. There general adaptation was more important than special adaptation. Any other subspecies that had evolved in these regions would probably have been just as successful.” — Carleton Coon (1962)

Computer agents (colored dots) simulating prehistoric hunter-gatherer groups are superimposed over a map of Late Pleistocene western Eurasia. Gray shows Pleistocene land area with lowered sea levels, black lines show modern coastlines, white areas show ice sheets. The blue dots represent groups of “modern” humans, red dots represent groups of Neanderthals, and yellow dots represent groups with biological mixtures of modern and Neanderthal genes.
Temperature 10,000+ years ago was drastically different than during the Holocene of today. Climates were much harsher nearer the poles. Groups trapped by land barriers were forced to adapt in harsher conditions.

As you can see from the above map, ethnic Ashkenazi Jews hail from the most challenging climates of antiquity (Europe and Siberia), more so than any other race — multiple evolutionary and situational factors made the Ashkenazi the most advanced of all human genomes.

Ashkenazi Jews are remarkably over-represented in benchmarks of brainpower. Though never exceeding 3 percent of the American population, Jews account for 37 percent of the winners of the U.S. National Medal of Science, 25 percent of the American Nobel Prize winners in literature, 40 percent of the American Nobel Prize winners in science and economics, and so on. On the world stage, we find that 54 percent of the world chess champions have had one or two Jewish parents.

If that wasn’t enough, ethnic Jews comprise up to one third of the student populace at Ivy League schools, and 30 percent of U.S. Supreme Court law clerks.

General behavioral characteristics of Ashkenazis:

  • High ethnocentrism. This causes favoritism and collectivistic behaviors towards the ingroup. Related to this is high self-deception which may be influenced by the often subconscious distinction between the ingroup and the outgroup. Thus, Jews often seem to subconsciously apply different moral standards to non-Jews and Jews such as indignantly demanding that non-Jews should not favor their own group while at the same time seeing it as praiseworthy to support other Jews in various ways. Another effect is the creation and high support for ideologies that are collectivistic towards the ingroup such as Marxism and socialism more generally. The high ethnocentrism contributes to strong ethnic networking and similar behaviors where Jews prefer to work with and promote the interests of Jews before non-Jews.
  • High aggressiveness. In particular towards the outgroup. MacDonald writes that “In a survey commissioned by the American Jewish Committee’s study of the Jews of Baltimore in 1962, ‘two-thirds of the respondents admitted to believing that other Jews are pushy, hostile, vulgar, materialistic, and the cause of anti-Semitism. And those were only the ones who were willing to admit it.'” He also argues for a strong sense of group grievance, resentment, and activism against European and Christian culture as responsible for antisemitism.
  • High psychological intensity. Emotionally intense people are prone to intense emotional experiences of both positive and negative emotions. It may be thought of as a behavioral intensifier or energizer. Causes among other effects strong drives, strong commitments, single-minded persistence, and black-and-white views. One example is that any criticism of Jews or Israel is seen as a potential cause of mass murder of Jews and must therefore be thoroughly repressed.
  • High intelligence. See Jews and intelligence.

Jews’ distinctive collectivist ethnocentrism explains the Ashkenazi push for Greater Israel, a New World Order, and the attempts to eliminate individualist ethnic groups in the West.

Such dissimilarities between Ashkenazis and other populations has led to many historic expulsions due to incompatibilities, adding weight to the evidence that they are genetically very dissimilar to other races.

This is a genetic phenomenon seen between racial populations and is not just restricted to the Ashkenazi expulsions:

Cultural influences on the Ashkenazi genome.

What made European Jews so smart?

Richard Lynn has proposed three reasons.

Christians persecuted Jews more harshly than Muslims did, and the smarter ones were more likely to survive. Also, Jews who lived among Europeans were more or less forced into professions that required intelligence. They were often not allowed to farm, which meant they had to be traders and artisans.

Jews also dominated the relatively high-IQ profession of money-lending because usury was forbidden to Christians. Mr. Entine reports that in 1270, of the 228 adult Jewish males in the city of Perpignan, France, 80 percent were money-lenders. Muslims were not entirely barred from money-lending, so Sephardic Jews did not dominate that activity.

Finally, Prof. Lynn notes that when Oriental Jews mated outside the tribe it was with Middle-Easterners, who have a relatively low average intelligence, whereas Ashkenazim mated with Europeans.

Hyper-selective breeding within Ashkenazi Jewish populations also allegedly occurred. Many Ashkenazi Jews subscribe to a folk theory that attributes Jewish intelligence to what would have to be the weirdest example of sexual selection in the living world: that for generations in the shtetl, the brightest yeshiva boy was betrothed to the daughter of the richest man, thereby favoring the genes.

Other practices of eugenics within Judaism include a long tradition of according high status to scholars as well as wealth which allowed those with higher intelligence to more easily reproduce and their children to survive. The Mishnah states that “under all circumstances a man should sell everything he possesses in order to marry the daughter of a scholar, as well as to give his daughter to a scholar in marriage…. Never should he marry his daughter to an illiterate man”.

Jews have also practiced negative eugenics by disallowing marriages for poor (and likely less intelligent) Jews during certain periods when states explicitly limited the number of Jews. Poor Jews have also been particularly likely to leave Judaism. In contrast to Catholic priests, which may have caused a dysgenic effect on Europeans through their sometimes enforced celibacy, Jewish Rabbis were encouraged to marry young and have children. Rabbis were also often physicians which may have caused better medical care for their children.

This can explain why Ashkenazi Jews score relatively better on verbal subtests since it was verbal ability rather spatial ability that was required for the studies of the Jewish scriptures.

Another argued possibly eugenic practice is that “the “Shadchan,” or marriage broker, may also have played a significant role in Jewish eugenics: The Pentateuch raised Eugenics into a matter of religion … The much-despised Shadchan or marriage broker as an institution had many obvious faults. Yet, in a quiet, unscientific manner he has been the means of curing mere sentiment and passion in the matter of mating of sons and daughters of Israel … The Shadchan is distinctively on the side of Eugenics in ‘regulating’ the union of men and women”.

Abandonment of Judaism.

The abandonment of Judaism (apostasy) hypothesis, in addition to abandonment of Judaism discussed above in the eugenics section, points to an ordinance issued in AD 64 by the Jewish High Priest which required that all Jewish boys should attend school from age six. Within a century Jews had established in principle universal male literacy and numeracy. The studies and later participation in religious activities involved the Jewish scriptures which are relatively difficult texts. This may have caused those with low intelligence to become discouraged by their constantly and publicly displayed inadequacies and therefore renounce Judaism. Another possibility is that those involved in occupations such as farming saw these activities as pointless and wasteful. This has been argued to explain a decline in the number of Jews from 4.5 million in the first century AD to 1.5 million in the sixth century. However, there are several other explanations for this decline such as a general population decline, one million Jews being killed in Jewish revolts, and forced conversions, although it has been argued that these explanations cannot explain the whole decline.

Also before AD 64 there may have been religious demands such as knowing the complex laws that may have caused those with lower intelligence to leave Judaism. Furthermore, the Babylonian exile likely involved only the intellectual elite while many of those who remained may have been absorbed into other populations, which may have caused the Jewish population after the return of the exiles to have unusually high intelligence.

Occupational discrimination.

The occupational discrimination hypothesis argues that Jews in Europe were excluded from certain occupations and therefore were required to work in occupations which often required a high IQ. This hypothesis may also explain the relatively higher mathematical/verbal ability by this being more important in occupations such as money-lending, tax collection, and import-export trading.

It has been argued that the gene variants that cause several genetic diseases that are common among Ashkenazi Jews also increase intelligence among asymptomatic carriers and possibly also those having the disease. For example, those who have Gaucher’s disease in Israel are six times more likely to be scientists/engineers and twenty times more likely to be physicists. Several of the most common Ashkenazi mutations are argued to have appeared at approximately the same time as the occupational restrictions. However, it has been argued that genetic evidence shows that most, though not all, of the Ashkenazi congenital diseases arose from genetic drift after a population bottleneck and show no evidence of selective pressure.

Another argument is that the Jews had left unskilled occupations and moved into urban skilled occupations well before any restriction or prohibition was imposed on them. This was caused by their high literacy and numeracy which in turn was caused by the reason stated in the “Abandonment of Judaism” section. However, there is disagreement regarding this with others arguing that this occupational shift occurred when the restrictions occurred.

Other criticisms include that the occupational mobility is argued to have been limited in the Jewish communities or that intelligence is not the only factor determining success. The latter argument is however a straw man.

The occupational discrimination theory has been argued to be supported by an argued absence of evidence of high Jewish intelligence before the occupational restrictions (apart from the creation of the complex Jewish Bible). This has been disputed with reference to complex Jewish religious writings such as the Mishnah (2nd century AD) and the Talmuds (4th and 6th century). Also, before the Enlightenment, the vast majority of Jewish scholarship was directed within the Jewish community, rather than at science or philosophy. As a result, Jewish intelligence may not have been apparent to non-Jews. The historical record has been argued to support that Jews were quite successful economically in the ancient world and sought urban occupations requiring education.


The persecution hypothesis argues that more intelligent Jews were more likely to survive the persecutions by anticipating persecutions and moving elsewhere, other countries only accepting Jews with education and required skills, being better at hiding during persecutions, and being more able to pay ransoms. This hypothesis may possibly also explain the relatively higher mathematical/verbal ability by this being more important in order to gain wealth in occupations such as those described in the “Occupational discrimination” section. On the other hand, the most successful would have been the most visible and therefore the most likely to be targeted during persecutions.


The interbreeding hypothesis argues that some interbreeding with local populations would affect IQ. This can likely explain only a minor part of the Ashkenazi intelligence since it is higher than that of Europeans. However, it may have contributed to raising the Ashkenazi IQ above the Middle Eastern average. Interbreeding may have been more common among Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews, often with low IQ populations such as those in North Africa and the Middle East, which is one explanation for the lower IQ of Jews from these regions.

The presence of some limited interbreeding does not imply that a group cannot be genetically distinct. In 2012 a Jewish geneticist argued that Ashkenazi Jews, Sephardi Jews, and Mizrahi Jews are so similar genetically and on other characteristics, and so dissimilar from other groups, that they despite some interbreeding with different groups and some varied characteristics constitute a separate race. On the other hand, Ethiopian Jews are genetically distinct from other Jews which explains their low IQ which is similar to that of other sub-Saharan Africans.

Environmental explanations.

Environmental explanations include a long cultural history encouraging education and learning which may possibly in turn raise a person’s IQ.

Genetic isolationism.

Ashkenazi populations tended to marry their own during most of their formative history. This is necessary, because natural selection cannot change the genetic composition of a population if new genes are constantly flowing in from the neighbors and diluting its effects.

Ashkenazi endogamy (marrying within the group) was common, yet marrying within the family less so, this exceptional group preference has made Ashkenazis distinct from other populations.

Jewish traditions of avoiding intermarriage, proselytization, or conquest kept the Ashkenazi population from inbreeding and acquiring other dysgenic effects, this had a genome-preserving effect.

Historical accounts attest that intermarriage was indeed rare, and genetic evidence points to an admixture of about 0.5 to 1 percent of neighboring genes per generation.

In addition to geographic barriers, there may also be cultural barriers that have made admixture more difficult. Examples includes several migratory peoples (such as Jews), who have primarily married within their own group. Also tribes, clans, castes and religions may have rules or customs causing marriages to primarily occur within the group itself.

The likelihood is that the Ashkenazi genome was a combination of well-adapted neanderthal-mongoloid-caucasoid genetics that selectively bred and evolved within its own group, what we have today is a result of this genetic protectionism.

A land barrier bottleneck effect helped preserve the Ashkenazi genetic variant.

Land barriers such as the Caucasus mountains and the Central Asian northern deserts kept well-adapted Ashkenazi populations from interbreeding with less-adapted groups and suffering the dysgenic effects of doing so — it also forced the Ashkenazi population to stay within a harsher climate for longer, as crossing the major geological barriers keeping populations separate was not easy to do, as we see the Ashkenazi population eventually moved eastwards towards Europe, eventually settling in the Eastern and Central regions of the continent.

The bottleneck effect of geographical landmasses.

However, by this point Ashkenazis were already well-adapted to the harsh northern trans-Siberian climate that gave them the genetic endowments we see in them today.

Later on, cultural Judaism and selective breeding kept the genome preserved yet further, whereas other populations practiced inbreeding and suffered dysgenic effects.

The northern ice sheet, a major geographical barrier.
Caucasus mountains, another major land barrier that kept southern hemisphere and northern hemisphere populations separated.
The central Asian deserts, another major geological barrier between populations.


Modern day global climates. 18,000+ years ago this would have been much harsher in the trans-Siberian and European regions.

Genetic inequality and its implications.

The ethnic Ashkenazi rulers have made society look to whites as the “privileged” group above all others.

Also, because whites are a more populous race than Ashkenazis, as well as the aesthetic similarities between the two, the two races often become confused as the same in all regards, this is patently false; Ashkenazi Jews are by far the most biologically privileged, genetically endowed group, and their position in the highest places of influence directly reflects this genetic disparity between their genome and every other racial group on earth.

Ashkenazis are mostly genetically separate from Europeans, with some areas of interbreeding.

It’s clear that people with European ancestry are genetically distinct from those of Asian or African descent, but what’s less obvious is that genetic variation also exists within European groups. In these plots from a study by Elimear Kenny, you can see the genetic variation between major ancestral groups (top) and within a population (bottom). Jewish groups fall into the European cluster on the left, but people with Ashkenazi ancestry (blue) form a unique cluster that is largely distinct from Caucasian (CEU; green) and other Jewish populations (various colors) on the right. Individuals who are part Ashkenazi fall in between the Caucasian and Ashkenazi clusters.

Bringing about genetic parity.

The significant genetic disparity between the races allows certain groups to exercise power over others, for example Whites tend to hold positions above Blacks, and Jews hold positions above both.

The only solution to this would be some form of eugenics program to bring about closer genetic parity, the further one group gets from the rest of the human collective genome — the more severe the consequential disparity, as seen in modern times with the rise of the all-powerful Ashkenazi Jewish banking dynasties.

The more one genetic group acclimatizes to itself, especially if that group holds advantages over other groups (Ashkenazi), this poses an eminent danger as the result is a racial group serving its own in-group interests — a group that feels detached from other racial groups.

The charms and characteristics of each race are, of course, admirable. But geneticists and generally everyone should be aware of what damage genetic disparity can do — as one group drifts from the others and gains traits that allow it to exercise considerable influence over the other groups.

Ashkenazi Jews are a prime example of this occurrence.