Pride Day: Masking The Artificially Induced Homosexuality “Gay Bomb”

Homosexuality and all other atypical sexual and gender orientations are not healthy nor “normal” biological phenomena; they are clear indicators of biological malfunction, an outward reflection of inward endocrinal disarray — a sorry exhibition of the biological turmoil many people are being subjected to by the men behind the curtain.

The Pride movement and the LGBT community and its associated doctrinal social campaigning is an elite-subsidized mask to cover up the real cause of the rise in queerness in its many forms — the dramatic spike in the also elite-subsidized (and ignored/glossed over by establishment regulators) atrazine, BPA, dioxin, phtalates, perchlorate, fire retardants, lead, mercury, arsenic, PFCs, organophosphate pesticides, glyphosate, glycol ethers and other similar chemicals found in food, medication and water supplies; which have scientifically proven endocrine-disrupting & feminizing properties that are actively making the population more homosexual (and everything on the sexual spectrum — except healthily heterosexual). Feminizing chemicals suppress or deactivate masculine gene expression essential for making men suitable mates for the opposite sex.

One estrogenic chemical, BPA, widely found in plastics, is doing this to the human biology:

“Investigators looking for obvious BPA-induced differences, such as chromosome deletions or DNA mutations, could be missing subtle behavioral differences that eventually lead to long-term adverse outcomes, including demasculinization of male behaviors with a decreased reproductive fitness.”

The studies had some alarming findings on BPA’s effects on masculine traits in mice:

(Natural News)

For the new study, the researchers fed female deer mice a BPA-supplemented diet for two weeks prior to breeding and throughout lactation. The mothers were given a dosage equivalent to what the U.S. Food and Drug Administration considers a non-toxic dose for pregnant women to ingest.

When the deer mice offspring were weaned at 25 days of age, they were fed on a non-supplemented BPA diet. Then, after the rodents matured into adults, their behavior was tested to study each mouse’s ability to navigate a maze to safety.

Male deer mice normally have an enhanced spatial navigational ability. It’s important because it allows them to find female mates that are dispersed throughout the environment. Female deer mice do not need to search for mates so their navigational abilities have not been enhanced by evolution. But when the University of Missouri researchers tested the navigational skills of male mice that had been exposed to BPA early in their development, something was terribly wrong.

Each male mouse had two five minute opportunities per day, for seven days, to try to find their way in to a home cage through one of several holes placed around the edge of an open maze.

The maze was marked with a set of visible navigational cues to help the animals. Yet many of them could not find the exit. On the other hand, all the male mice who had not been exposed to BPA found the correct exit quickly – some on the first day.

Adding to the strong evidence that the BPA dramatically changed the ability of the male mice to navigate normally, the scientists found that the non-BPA exposed mice quickly learned the most direct approach to finding the correct hole, while the exposed males appeared to sort of randomly and inefficiently wander around looking.

The female deer mice also were turned off by potential mates who had been exposed to BPA. In a mate choice experiment, the scientists measured the females’ level of interest in a stranger male by observing specific behaviors, such as nose-to-nose sniffing and the amount of time the female spent checking out her potential partner. According to Dr. Rosenfeld, both non-exposed and BPA-exposed females strongly preferred control males over BPA-exposed males.

The results are clear; what was once natural masculine instinct in the male mice became totally absent. Think of the same or similar implications in human males. Men incapable of tapping into their natural ability the attract and mate with the opposite sex. We’re seeing this everywhere. Emasculated men.

Oh, and the frogs are, in fact, actually turning gay because of man-made chemical exposure.

Even more revealing is that the U.S. actually has on record considered using a “gay bomb” to make military opponents attracted to each other in order to distract them and make them easier to defeat. So yes, this kind of hormonal manipulation exists on public record, so just imagine what hasn’t been publicly admitted — I believe it’s your responsibility to keep your hormones in check; else Big Brother will take them and bend them to their will.

The devastating in-womb effect of queer chemical exposure has a dramatic effect in steering the outcome of the gender, sexuality, and biological integrity in newborns; thus retarding the mental and physical development of children and the resulting adults they will then become — this is a powerful way of destroying the upcoming generation of people; making them weak, subservient and bound to yearn for government securities in willing exchange for their own self-governance.

Queerness is being deliberately caused, this isn’t an organic social revolution at all.

Queerness is entirely cause and effect, and not a “social revolution”, or the result of people’s “greater acceptance” as we are told to believe every day, this is an all-out war against our physiological bodies and minds. The LGBT cultural movement is merely a psychological crutch in order to build acceptance and boost a positive reception to the massive artificially-induced changes being actively made to humans in order to fulfill political ends, it’s as simple as that.

The goal of all this? 

The goal of this is simple and effective. Feminize the masses, groom, champion and legitimize white anthropological decline. Homosexuality will reduce the white birthrate and make voters more inclined to emotional arguments.

Also, to sow the seeds of biological decay as a potent form of population control; a healthy, capable population with men who are actually masculine, logical, and level-headed (masculine traits) is a threat to the established powers.


It also serves to fragment society, a person conflicted with their own confused identity is, as the facts displayed below reveal — weak, self-loathing, often dependent on medication, and will always feel marginalized — the biologically atypical will turn to socialism and big government as the apparent and most immediate savior, weakness clings to the nearest floating piece of driftwood, whereas strength is independent.

The establishment will claim to “save” queer people from their “oppression” and “marginalization” at the hands of those “normal” people (the target group) — once more, mass divide & conquer is at play. All this, and I haven’t even gone into how toxic feminism is being deliberately used (and mass funded) to lower the white birthrate and sow yet more division.

I’ll finish with some facts that prove LGBT is not “healthy” or “normal” as we are being constantly told.


The Estrogen Onslaught

We have let mind-altering, body-altering behaviors and xenoestrogens inundate everything in the modern world we inhabit, and we all pay a very heavy price for it.

There are lousy corner-cutting, agenda-motivated globalist corporate practices to reduce production cost and as a result, shelf prices. This is being lapped up by the average consumer that couldn’t care less about their health, it’s all about what’s cheapest.

Most, if not all plastics are toxic. For example, Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a toxic chemical in that it can interfere with proper hormone expression and production.

There are glimmers of hope, however: France has banned plastic plates, cups, and utensils; insisting on sustainable, biodegradable options.

But plastics aren’t where it ends, here are other major sources of endocrine disruptors:

  1. Bisphenol-A (BPA) – Common in plastic products such as reusable water bottles, food cans, and dental sealants. BPA can alter fetal development and heighten breast cancer risk in women.
  2. Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) – A potential carcinogen commonly used in water- and grease-resistant food coatings.
  3. Methoxychlor (insecticide) and Vinclozin (fungicide) – Shown in studies to induce changes in four subsequent generations of male mice after initial exposure.
  4. Nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) – Potent endocrine-disruptors that can interfere with your gene expression and glandular system. They are also referred to as estrogen-mimicking chemicals that have been implicated in unnatural sex changes in male marine species.
  5. Bovine growth hormones – Estrogen-mimicking and growth-promoting chemicals that are added to commercial dairy products.
  6. Unfermented soy products – Contain antinutrients and hormone-like substances, and are NOT health foods (contrary to popular belief). Visit this page to learn more about the dangers of soy.
  7. MSG – A food additive that can impact reproductive health and fertility.
  8. Fluoride – A potent neurotoxin found in certain US water supplies and is linked to endocrine disruption, decreased fertility rates, and lower sperm counts. Put in tap water in many western countries, also largely present in conventional herbicides which is put on all our food.
  9. Pharmaceuticals that provide synthetic hormones – Pharmaceuticals like contraceptives and provide you with synthetic hormones that your body isn’t designed to respond to and detoxify properly. Chronic illnesses may result from long-term use of these drugs.
  10. Metalloestrogens – A class of cancer-causing estrogen-mimicking compounds that can be found in thousands of consumer products. Included in the list of potent metalloestrogens are aluminum, antimony, copper, lead, mercury, cadmium, and tin, some of these metals are being sprayed into our skies on a regular basis.

It’s about money & control, as usual.

The big oil lobby wants plastics to stay in use, it boosts the demand and value for crude oil as plastics are an oil-based derivative. This keeps oil a lucrative resource.

The globalist elite, who own pretty much all big corporations, are allowing xenoestrogens to flood our lives through their products, and are holding back regulations as well as silencing movements that would make our environment safe to live in.

This is all part of a plan to feminize the masses, making us more agreeable and easier to control.

Toxicity is everywhere.

We allow toxic plastics, toxic additives, toxic pharmaceuticals, and so on, to pervade our lives for lack of knowledge or care. The nihilistic western population lacks self-respect, and so we are quick to forfeit ourselves to those who actively exploit our ignorance.

Pretty much all plastics (which are everywhere), all processed foods, our sedentary lifestyles, and so on, totally ruin our health. This article will focus on and discuss how these negative influences affect testosterone levels and allow estrogen to take hold and become the dominant hormone in our bodies — and what the health repercussions are.

This is not just about these two important sex hormones, it extends to serotonin (responsible for mood regulation), and many other essential hormones that become drastically out of balance, the knock-on biological effects are too long to list in this article.

If it’s affecting the wider ecosystem, it’s affecting us (trickle down effect).

These sinister EDCs (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals) are everywhere. They lurk inside your house, leaching from human products such as personal hygiene products, chemical cleansers, or contraceptive drugs. They also end up in your food and drinking water, causing you to unknowingly ingest them, these EDCs are leaching into the wider ecosystem:

Here’s one proof: in a number of British rivers, 50 percent of male fish were found to produce eggs in their testes. According to EurekAlert, 3 EDCs have been entering rivers and other waterways through sewage systems for years, altering the biology of male fish. It was also found that fish species affected by EDCs had 76 percent reduction in their reproductive function.

Low testosterone, high estrogen means overly emotional brains in everyone.

We are chemical beings, whether we want to admit it or not. Homeostasis is our biochemical equilibrium, we have lost that important equilibrium.

Testosterone concentrations dropped about 1.2% per year, or about 17% overall, from 1987 to 2004. The downward trend was seen in both the population and in individuals over time.

We are composed of elements in an intricate model that relies on a ‘see-saw’ balance of chemicals to operate. The body, as a self-regulating organism, will try to operate in a balanced way the best it can, give or take a bit — but this is subject to external influences, a high enough amount of environmental endocrine disrupting chemicals will overwhelm the body’s homeostasis (balance), ‘gender bending’ can occur for example, and/or altered mood states.

Estrogen exposure increases neural connections associated with empathy in the brain. Testosterone exposure does the opposite by reducing connections associated with empathy. This explains why females think more emotionally and men more logically, we think and behave differently for a reason, male and female brains are hugely different, we are not ‘equal’, we are fundamentally different.

Empathy is useful in moderation, when it is in balance it serves its purpose, when out of balance it makes every thought too emotional, whereas too much testosterone and you will start to lack empathy and become too aggressive.

An imbalance could prove deadly for a right-thinking populace.

We wouldn’t let mentally ill or vulnerable people make big decisions about our future, yet we do it all the time. The truth is that a coaxed, evermore chemically imbalanced population is calling the shots at every election.

Over-passionate minds are chemically imbalanced minds, emotional passions should not supersede logic and reason.

“Passion is the mob of the man, that commits a riot upon his reason.”

— William Penn

As explained, a hormone imbalance means a logic drought, this makes a loose-cannon electorate that is highly prone to being emotionally manipulated by the state.

At the neuronal synapse, estrogen increases levels of the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine, as well as increasing the number of receptors for these chemicals.

Epigenetics: altering gene expression as a method of population control.

Globalist-backed think tanks are well-versed in how gene expression plays a vital role in our behavioral expression, our outer selves mirror our inner selves.

These chemical estrogen-mimicking endocrine disruptors are changing our bodies and minds on the widest scale imaginable. We become what we choose to eat and expose ourselves to at every level of our life experience.

Exposure to tiny doses of hormone-disrupting chemicals is responsible for at least $340 billion (310 billion euros) in health-related costs each year in the United States, this is how easy it is to debunk the moderation argument with exposure, marginal exposure does have an effect on our homeostasis.

Trans ‘LGBTQ’ on the rise.

Transsexual and transgender identifying people are on the rise, while archetypal sexual and gender identities are declining, as is the western birthrate as a result.

Approximately 1 in 4 men have low testosterone, but the scientific bodies that set the numerical standards, particularly the United Nation’s World Health Organization, have a blatant interest in promoting “toxic masculinity” and downplaying the testosterone crisis.

Hormone activity that sits well-within its genetic coding would not allow the wrong characteristics to be expressed by its parent body, if it did, this would not be productive as it would undermine the fundamental, successful biological basis that has worked through millions of years of evolution. By abandoning the tried-and-tested code, the body betrays its effectiveness in every area of life imaginable.

Optimal testosterone: When aligned with our genetic code, natural gene-hormone expression is the best option for everyone.

LGBTQ advocates argue that people should be allowed to be ‘themselves’, that what defines us is subjective, not based on objective genetic expression.

This is a complete abandonment of gender roles and the male-female family structure that is so important for bringing up stable, healthy children. With these crucial biological structures for the first time in history being eroded, we are left with destitute, weak, and subservient generations to succeed us and be exploited further into submission.

We are infertile, we lack vigor, we lack good health – it has made us apathetic, lethargic, and neurotic. An ill body prioritizes security above all else (fight and flight), we turn to the state as our provider and give over our independence in the process.

Younger people are turning to alternative phytoestrogen-loaded, unfermented soy-based foods because it is ‘trendy’, a mass-abandonment of natural, healthy foods is becoming more widespread:

The media is covering the chemical onslaught up by calling the boom in trans-everything as a ‘social movement’, rather than the biochemical, physiological disaster that it is.

By making trans a ‘progressive’ social justice campaign where people’s feelings are at stake, nobody dares to look at it from a logical, scientific perspective. It becomes a dreaded intellectual no-go zone.

The mainstream media is pushing to make this the norm.
Gender reassignment surgery is on the rise.

Phytoestrogen a plant’s defense mechanism against herbivorous animals.

Environmental Health Perspectives claims that Phytoestrogens exist within plants as a natural defense against herbivores. Plants secrete these hormones to modulate the fertility of animals that may eat them to reduce further attacks.

Our biology defines our opinions and beliefs.

It’s true, a man who receives ‘blue pill’ and feminist propaganda through university education, the media, or entertainment designed to make him suppress his natural self will not fully be accepted by him unless his biochemistry is compatible to it, in part from having low testosterone.

Whether or not you accept my proposition that a man with a low testosterone level is more likely to be receptive to liberal ideas, the facts bear out that testosterone levels are declining every year (alternate link). And millennials are overwhelmingly liberal, what a coincidence!

The globalists know this. Masculine energy is the proactive and procreative driving force that has led most of the real change in recorded history. Aggression and action defines the male archetype, something essential to regularly auditing and ousting corrupt governments, men spearhead action and change in every way, men are competitive by nature.

The female personality is dependent, passive, and submissive, it is supposed to be this way around a stronger provider, that’s its inherent design that works, and only works, in a balanced male-female interactive context.

Women seek settlement and stability, men make sure that this form of stability is reasonable to settle for. Women want peace even when peace may not be advantageous upon retrospect, this carer role is to benefit and shelter their offspring above all else for the continuation of the species. This is a biological and behavioral principle ignored by many.

Men, on the other hand, are the go-doers, out in the field doing the hunting, they need sharpness, logic, and an active understanding of all the threats that could mean they will die and the woman and child will perish as a result. Men cannot die, as the family model would collapse, this is why nature makes men the hardier of the sexes; stronger men were more likely to ensure individual and group survival.

The territorial male and how it threatens international ambitions.

Male characteristics embody territory, nationalism and kinship, this is a direct threat to the international model drafted by the globalists. Masculinity is the rigor, the structure, the familial, it is not the passive, irresolute, or the indecisive.

  • Traits possessed by men in greater percentage than women: dominance, independence, intelligence, rationale, analytical thinking
  • Traits possessed by women in greater percentage than men: submissiveness, dependence, emotional nature, faster intuition, cooperative sharing

Think about why the sexes have these differences and their importance, then realize modern day cultural programming is lying to us about perfectly natural gender roles.

The political state is, fundamentally, a masculine structure, it takes men to challenge that as part of a natural power struggle, it’s how nature self-regulates — why else do you think politics is dominated by men? Because men choose to take on roles of leadership, and women largely do not, it’s how our biology works. When you take men out of politics and political discourse by changing their biology, and thus interests, you can reign supreme and unchallenged as a political elite clique of unadulterated men.

‘Every man for himself’ is a ‘free-market’ spin on the natural world, the globalists want to monopolize masculinity and become the main provider (welfare). This will make ordinary men sex objects rather than true providers in the eyes of women, who’s dependency will shift away from their less-than-male partners and increasingly towards the state and materialism.


Washington DC has the obelisk-phallic symbol of dominance and power, the Washington monument, an ancient method of symbolic authority that stretches back to ancient Egypt.

The truth is, we can take over all major institutions today, and shower men with the truth, but their biology simply won’t be able to accept it because they have become more like women: cooperative, egalitarian, emotional, and socialist.

The next step we must take is to launch a scientific crusade to test the effects of all commercially used plastics on male testosterone levels, and to enact a ban of their use if a negative effect is found. If we can do it to the pesticide DDT, we can surely do it for any chemical that is destroying the very biological basis of masculinity, and wreaking havoc on our world.