Pride Day: Masking The Artificially Induced Homosexuality “Gay Bomb”

Homosexuality and all other atypical sexual and gender orientations are not healthy nor “normal” biological phenomena; they are clear indicators of biological malfunction, an outward reflection of inward endocrinal disarray — a sorry exhibition of the biological turmoil many people are being subjected to by the men behind the curtain.

The Pride movement and the LGBT community and its associated doctrinal social campaigning is an elite-subsidized mask to cover up the real cause of the rise in queerness in its many forms — the dramatic spike in the also elite-subsidized (and ignored/glossed over by establishment regulators) atrazine, BPA, dioxin, phtalates, perchlorate, fire retardants, lead, mercury, arsenic, PFCs, organophosphate pesticides, glyphosate, glycol ethers and other similar chemicals found in food, medication and water supplies; which have scientifically proven endocrine-disrupting & feminizing properties that are actively making the population more homosexual (and everything on the sexual spectrum — except healthily heterosexual). Feminizing chemicals suppress or deactivate masculine gene expression essential for making men suitable mates for the opposite sex.

One estrogenic chemical, BPA, widely found in plastics, is doing this to the human biology:

“Investigators looking for obvious BPA-induced differences, such as chromosome deletions or DNA mutations, could be missing subtle behavioral differences that eventually lead to long-term adverse outcomes, including demasculinization of male behaviors with a decreased reproductive fitness.”

The studies had some alarming findings on BPA’s effects on masculine traits in mice:

(Natural News)

For the new study, the researchers fed female deer mice a BPA-supplemented diet for two weeks prior to breeding and throughout lactation. The mothers were given a dosage equivalent to what the U.S. Food and Drug Administration considers a non-toxic dose for pregnant women to ingest.

When the deer mice offspring were weaned at 25 days of age, they were fed on a non-supplemented BPA diet. Then, after the rodents matured into adults, their behavior was tested to study each mouse’s ability to navigate a maze to safety.

Male deer mice normally have an enhanced spatial navigational ability. It’s important because it allows them to find female mates that are dispersed throughout the environment. Female deer mice do not need to search for mates so their navigational abilities have not been enhanced by evolution. But when the University of Missouri researchers tested the navigational skills of male mice that had been exposed to BPA early in their development, something was terribly wrong.

Each male mouse had two five minute opportunities per day, for seven days, to try to find their way in to a home cage through one of several holes placed around the edge of an open maze.

The maze was marked with a set of visible navigational cues to help the animals. Yet many of them could not find the exit. On the other hand, all the male mice who had not been exposed to BPA found the correct exit quickly – some on the first day.

Adding to the strong evidence that the BPA dramatically changed the ability of the male mice to navigate normally, the scientists found that the non-BPA exposed mice quickly learned the most direct approach to finding the correct hole, while the exposed males appeared to sort of randomly and inefficiently wander around looking.

The female deer mice also were turned off by potential mates who had been exposed to BPA. In a mate choice experiment, the scientists measured the females’ level of interest in a stranger male by observing specific behaviors, such as nose-to-nose sniffing and the amount of time the female spent checking out her potential partner. According to Dr. Rosenfeld, both non-exposed and BPA-exposed females strongly preferred control males over BPA-exposed males.

The results are clear; what was once natural masculine instinct in the male mice became totally absent. Think of the same or similar implications in human males. Men incapable of tapping into their natural ability the attract and mate with the opposite sex. We’re seeing this everywhere. Emasculated men.

Oh, and the frogs are, in fact, actually turning gay because of man-made chemical exposure.

Even more revealing is that the U.S. actually has on record considered using a “gay bomb” to make military opponents attracted to each other in order to distract them and make them easier to defeat. So yes, this kind of hormonal manipulation exists on public record, so just imagine what hasn’t been publicly admitted — I believe it’s your responsibility to keep your hormones in check; else Big Brother will take them and bend them to their will.

The devastating in-womb effect of queer chemical exposure has a dramatic effect in steering the outcome of the gender, sexuality, and biological integrity in newborns; thus retarding the mental and physical development of children and the resulting adults they will then become — this is a powerful way of destroying the upcoming generation of people; making them weak, subservient and bound to yearn for government securities in willing exchange for their own self-governance.

Queerness is being deliberately caused, this isn’t an organic social revolution at all.

Queerness is entirely cause and effect, and not a “social revolution”, or the result of people’s “greater acceptance” as we are told to believe every day, this is an all-out war against our physiological bodies and minds. The LGBT cultural movement is merely a psychological crutch in order to build acceptance and boost a positive reception to the massive artificially-induced changes being actively made to humans in order to fulfill political ends, it’s as simple as that.

The goal of all this? 

The goal of this is simple and effective. Feminize the masses, groom, champion and legitimize white anthropological decline. Homosexuality will reduce the white birthrate and make voters more inclined to emotional arguments.

Also, to sow the seeds of biological decay as a potent form of population control; a healthy, capable population with men who are actually masculine, logical, and level-headed (masculine traits) is a threat to the established powers.


It also serves to fragment society, a person conflicted with their own confused identity is, as the facts displayed below reveal — weak, self-loathing, often dependent on medication, and will always feel marginalized — the biologically atypical will turn to socialism and big government as the apparent and most immediate savior, weakness clings to the nearest floating piece of driftwood, whereas strength is independent.

The establishment will claim to “save” queer people from their “oppression” and “marginalization” at the hands of those “normal” people (the target group) — once more, mass divide & conquer is at play. All this, and I haven’t even gone into how toxic feminism is being deliberately used (and mass funded) to lower the white birthrate and sow yet more division.

I’ll finish with some facts that prove LGBT is not “healthy” or “normal” as we are being constantly told.


Who or What Is Feeding the Unrest in Iran?

In Iran we are likely seeing a contemporary replay of 1953 Iran and the downfall of Mohammad Mossadegh, which was orchestrated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the British MI-6.

Thirty eight years ago, in 1979, a revolution against a client regime installed and propped up by the United States (Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, replaced by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini) succeeded in Iran.

Ever since, the Western-seated Globalists’ presence, plans and attempts to maintain, deepen and expand its dominance throughout the Middle East has been seriously challenged and thwarted by a free Iran.

Today, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has admitted his country is going through economic troubles, an increase in fuel and food prices by up to 40%, inflation high at 12% but down from 40% at the start of Rouhani’s first term, and youth unemployment, which hovers around the 30% mark.

The Iranian people are understandably frustrated, but their suffering is being created by Western sanctions. Despite this, the mainstream media portrayal is an Iranian populace fed up of their ‘oppression’ at the mercy of an ‘out-of-touch’ Iranian government.

US military bases are absent from territories that it has no control over, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Yemen make this list.

The US has persistently sought to make up for this loss, and to this end, has supported individuals, tendencies, and terrorist groups to bring down the revolutionary establishment in Iran, to return the old order of neo-colonial dependency.

  • The hallmark of these attempts has been its support of the infamous Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, in his aggressive war (1980-1988) against the newly founded Islamic Republic in Iran. This war failed to derail the revolutionary objective of independence from foreign control.

Faced with the repeated and very costly failures of its military plans, the Globalist run US found it more feasible to invest more heavily on political approaches with Iran.

These plans had to also look beyond Iran; to the larger Middle East, which had been, in prime domino effect, awakened and moved to action by the resistance struggle in Iran, particularly in Palestine which had suffered for decades under criminal Israeli occupation, and in Lebanon, devastated by its colonial past, Israeli aggression, and foreign interventions.

  • By the mid-1980s, the US and its allies, determined to impose crushing international sanctions on Iran, accused  Iran of threatening international peace through its support for Palestinian and Lebanese freedom fighters – labeled as ‘terrorists’- its alleged interference in the internal affairs of regional states closely dependent on the US, and Iran’s missile and civilian nuclear programs.

To this end, through fabrications, extensive lobbying and use of pressure in the international scene, the US succeeded in pushing through United Nations Security Council resolutions which placed Iran under international sanctions (2006) for its peaceful nuclear activities.

The deliberate targeting of the Iranian economy.

The UNSC sanctions were followed by the illegal US/EU comprehensive sanctions in 2011 targeting Iran’s financial system, shipping and energy industry. Sanctions dealt a heavy blow to the nation’s  petroleum dependent economy but also had unintended positive consequences, in that, Iran’s chronic and deep-rooted dependence on its petroleum sales changed in favour of a more diversified economy and Iran’s flourishing nuclear activity made a huge leap forward, in both qualitative and quantitative terms.

Iranian-led negotiations won some hard-earned respite.

However, after more than a decade of diplomatic interactions with world powers, which became significantly more meaningful towards the end of this period with Zarif as Foreign Minister, Iran’s right to nuclear enrichment and its pursuit of other peaceful nuclear activities was recognised. This important recognition came through after two years (2013-2015) of extremely tight negotiations between the P5+1 and Iran.

This achievement was set in the context of a multilateral agreement, namely, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). The achievement was hard won due to the forces bluntly opposed to the multilateral negotiations. These most notably included neo-con members of the US Congress, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Globalists trying to steer the ship back towards punitive sanctions against Iran.

The change in the US administration, and especially with the person of Trump in office, who saw the JCPOA as the “worst deal ever” provided the US neo-cons, Israel and Saudi Arabia with an extraordinary opportunity. Now, there was the unprecedented possibility to significantly increase the pressure on Iran, particularly through reinstating, and strengthening the old sanctions and devising new ones.

Therefore, they tried extremely hard to pressure the P5+1, the European Union side in particular, into accusing Iran of being in violation of the nuclear agreement. They tried equally hard to force a renegotiation of the nuclear agreement.

Having failed on both counts to reinstate international sanctions on Iran and to terminate the JCPOA, the Trump administration is now working desperately to pressure the big powers and the EU in particular, regarding the need to limit and to stop Iran’s formidable, though proven defensive, conventional missile program and Iran’s outstanding and growing regional influence.

Iran’s civilian nuclear activity is fundamentally very important to the country’s technological and industrial development. In contrast, the missile defense capability is of strategic importance to Iran’s defense and essential defence and security needs, with highly positive implications for the preservation of regional and international peace and security.

Iran’s civilian nuclear activity and its missile defense capability are both strategically very important to the country’s technological and industrial development on the one hand, and its essential needs for national defence and security, on the other.

These capabilities, however, are basically of a hard nature which many countries possess in various degrees. In contrast, regional influence is in essence a soft national capability, one which cannot be taken away, transferred or bought overnight. In this respect, it is potentially a most important national capability, deeply rooted in the beliefs, culture and history of a nation and a region.

With this in mind and in the context of the on-going political developments in the Middle East, it is necessary to examine why the US is so deeply concerned about Iran’s regional influence?



The 5G Smartgrid is Coming

Anything collected in one place has never been a good idea.

The 5G smart grid, the Internet of Things, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and, simply put, the ‘technological evolution’ of man is well afoot. It is being rolled-out and actively marketed to us in big movies, adverts, and television programs; we are being groomed to accept their creeping technological totalitarianism.

When it does reach fruition, we will all be subject to the most all-encompassing form of technocratic tyranny in known history.

The Palantir Software.

The ambition of this is to build an omniscient, all-seeing grid of information, a huge, overarching, high-tech brain. It is a powerful, God-enabling form of technology.

The driving force of this is the Palantir software, named after the Lord of the Rings seeing-stones that enabled incredible, all-seeing communicative power. This parallels what this software and technology will be capable of.

The stones were most readily available to heirs or kings, as well as those appointed to guard them; the stones appear to be able to sense their user and allow use based on their position.

— LOTR Wiki, the Palantir stones.

Centralize, centralize, centralize. Masters of Reality.

The grid will reach across the entire area of the earth, no place will escape it. The end goal is to make it compulsory, or extremely advantageous, to be a part of this skynet-esque system. Being outside the system will be made extremely difficult.

The potential of an all-present grid means that everything falls in line with a collective system, money, security, identity, communication, health and so on — the usefulness of this is limitless to the deep state, by merging technology with reality they can play God, decide who lives or dies, witness every conversation, control our thoughts, define our value as human beings, and so on.

Their latest big strategy: rule over the human body, rule everything.

The human domain, the body, is the last untapped frontier, to conquer the ‘unconquerable’ self-defining human being, the ‘individual’ self, is the final big hurdle to world order and ultimate centralized control. You do this by merging people with your tech (and system) and thus ruling their bodies, killing people off, externally controlling people, or literally replacing people with AI.

Introducing the ultimate control system.

A lot of this super-technology has already been developed. We’re in the marketing and roll-out phase, the phase by which they make it publicly acceptable to introduce their system. These are simply the years by which it gets introduced, step-by-step, month-by-month, year-by-year.

The truth is, familiarity is comforting, so to bring about an idea in many smaller steps is bound to foster a more positive reception than a radical change that is perceptibly foreign.

This grid will dominate the physical world, which will all be programmed to operate exclusively under their grid OS. More and more we will see the material world intertwined to function with the system; reality and this system will become blurred.

Automated world, controlling the material world.

The further the elites can make the world a non-human automation written & coded by them, the more they can be more outrageous in their moves towards global government.

They seek to make natural humanity redundant in every way, to undermine natural systems such as DNA code and make them their own. AI and human-AI hybridization will become their ‘elite’ race that they will force us to accept as ‘progressive’ through social engineering and their propagandizing media & celebrity fronts. Their AI modifications can be programmed and controlled by them, unlike human flesh and blood, which is independent, organic matter by nature.

They have mapped the brain and understand it to a large degree, their AI-brain technology will be marketed as ‘helping’ us mentally, but will actually manipulate our brainwaves and induce an artificially altered state of thinking, which they can trigger at crucial moments, i.e. elections or pivotal moments of public opinion, or run brainwave altering tech to keep us in a heightened state of fear, and so on.

With a transhuman, human-tech merger, any measure of tyranny is possible, they just need us to hand over the keys.

Trans everything.

‘Trans’ simply means destroying what once was an objectivity and making it subjective, when you blur something it loses its distinction, its definition, and by extension it becomes irrelevant, a non-sequitur. When you smear something by making it transitive you eliminate it as a functioning, permanent apparatus.

Trans is being called ‘progressive’ – they will use this mentality, as they have recently with their funded, chemically induced transsexual movement, to bolster public acceptance of trans-humanism, the merger of humans with technology.

High-tech hive-like bubble cities.

They have vied for social and ideological conformity, now they seek to assure material conformity.

High-tech, veiled ‘bubble’ cities are in the works and are a prime example of how the elites want to build their hyper-controlled reality and make it completely encompass and define us physically and environmentally.

Google is not building this, the global elite are under the guise of an ‘innocent’ corporation. Google is merely one face of the multifaceted beast that is the deep state.

These cities will operate only on their central operating system, they will guide our way of life to have to be in their system. They will seek to centralize all the resources for survival so we will have to fall in line, or perish outside their system.

Their system will pervade everything in these cities, the homes, the vehicles, the workplace, the weather, the system is a corporate invasion of reality, the natural world will be forgotten within a few generations, that’s the goal, a virtual life with a corporate mentality.

Electromagnetic waves, among other technologies, will be used to destroy our bodies.

Aerial chemtrails, proven to be dumping barium, strontium and aluminium into our skies means that these metals always end up in our bodies.

These metals soak up electromagnetic radiation, they act as a catalyst for the 5G hyper-electromagnetic radiation to affect, and cause harm to our bodies.

Electromagnetic radiation weakens and suppresses our immune system, it makes us porous to pathogens, and further pollutants that build-up to breaking point, the point in which the self-regulating, self-replicating biological system of our body is compromised.

Attack on our very being, incl. our sociability.

Sociability is crucial to free-thought and dissent, when we socialize we share ideas, opinions and conversations that are outside their single-source of information. The global elite want their agenda-backed media conversations, trends and interactions to reign supreme, not our natural instinct to partake socially with our immediate neighbors, because that threatens their narrative and system.

Electromagnetic radiation extensively interferes with our brains, our brains are electrical organs that rely on natural electromagnetic signals, these are very finely-tuned, and if interrupted by a foreign agent – they will behave differently. I believe you can electrically neuter the brain, make it dulled by inhibiting the electrical reactions that help to constitute thought and brain activity in key brain centers like the cerebral cortex.

Their technology, as seen presently with smart phones, is geared towards exploiting our dopamine thirst, it removes us from the present moment and makes us less likely to interact with the people around us. We think we are being ‘social’ on social media, but it just ends up being superficial ego-boosting, dopamine-fueled attention fishing that is laced with toxic ads and their propagandizing media, very few genuine interactions come through their technology.

Resist this Orwellian nightmare.

Ask yourself, is forfeiting the last truly non-owned domain, the human body, a wise choice? Is allowing a technocratic world system of hyper-control to both replace you and guide everything about you ‘progressive’ and desirable? No, it’s not.

This is almost matrix-like, we are being nudged ever-nearer to being literally plugged into their tech bubble, their centralized virtual reality where individuality is utterly void. What was once science fiction is rapidly becoming science fact.

You’d do well to resist this at all costs, let this article be an introduction to this very important topic.