Defining the “Individual”: The Ruler and The Ruled

While I am principally an individualist, unlike most sworn individualists (who often see all people as intrinsically, unequivocally equal; “the sanctity of the individual” and so on) and proportion their politics to this maxim, I believe that at a certain level of heritable intelligence (namely biological IQ: intelligence quotient) a person’s predisposition towards individualism declines sharply — and therefore the need for benevolent collectivism is an (inevitable) necessity in swaying these groups of people of lower intelligence that are going to take on the beliefs of someone or something sooner or later — the crux of my argument is that lower intelligence people are an ideological power vacuum — Why? It’s simple enough — they lack the reasonable individualistic capacity to be resistant to, and critical of malevolent, monolithic, collective thought and its resulting politics — they, quite simply, are lacking the intelligence to discern and exercise sensible, pragmatic individualism: an important factor in holding together a civilization and ensuring its sustainability. The history of these populations’ civilization concurs with this assertion.

The need for parity between ruler and ruled.

If an electorate lacks the intelligence to “connect the dots”, sees only its own interests (due to lack of creative and/or empathetic vision to see benevolent collective goals) — it both lacks comprehension of itself and others and falls prey to predatory politicians and rulers in all their forms.

These are rulers who will outclass such an electorate in intelligence, knowledge, practicality, conscientiousness, time preference, and just about every other trait that is a reliable predictor of success and influence in its numerable forms.

We are seeing this more and more, the Ashkenazi Jews currently rule over whites and all racial groups beneath measured by genetic IQ.

I believe, unlike the absolute assertions of Jordan Peterson that suggest it is only intelligence that accounts for Jewish influence, that, at least some element of Jewish in-group consolidation is the reason the highest echelons of power are dominated by them. There are simply too many smart non-Jewish ethnic whites for this to go unaccounted for me to believe Jewish dominance has no environmental causes whatsoever.

Peterson makes an assertion here about the nature of White-Nationalist’s outlook, one I feel makes an incorrect assumption. A White-Nationalist’s sobriety regarding race comes not from hatred, but acknowledgement of irrefutable differences between groups of humans that must be objectively taken into account, it’s white advocacy rather than white supremacy.

This, mixed in with the fact Jews came to occupy influential financial positions first before anyone else (due to Christian Europeans being unable to partake in usury historically) this helps to explain why Ashkenazi Jews dominate today — they got into positions first due to the lucky societal circumstances, and then consolidated their positions, with an element of persecution and the fact Jews were relatively ostracized, these positions likely were passed on in a nepotistic way; more so than not with the in-group in mind.

Also, most of the immoral, extraordinarily powerful so-called “Jews” are actually Judeo-MasonicSolomonic adherents — by extension, Satanists, this has served to totally mischaracterise Jews altogether. The people who are responsible for the Globalist agenda are not real Jews, they may identify as Jews publicly, but they have Masonic inspiration. For example, their very non-Jewish symbol, the “Star of David”, is a Satanic, Masonic symbol, many half-Jews have fallen for this false non-biblical imagery and have followed the so-called state of “Israel”; thinking it is a Biblical revelation.

See how the Judeo-Masonic elites are obsessed with Israel for non-Jewish reasons.

Stop opposing the broad ethno-religious group that is Judaism, it’s simply not the case that a broad group of some multi-million Jews are colluding against the world, to suggest so makes little sense. More accurately, a small sect of Solomon-praising, Satanic-Masonic “Jews” are to blame for the sheer misrepresentation of the Jewish community, and all conspiratorial behavior that has seemingly come from a broadly “Jewish” establishment.

“Masonry is a search after Light. That search leads us directly back, as you see, to the Kabalah. In that ancient and little understood medley of absurdity and philosophy, the Initiate will find the source of many doctrines; and may in time come to understand the Hermetic philosophers, the Alchemists, all the anti-Papal thinkers of the Middle Age, and Emanuel Swedenborg. Everything scientific and grand in the religious dreams of all the Illuminati, Jacob Boehme, Swedenborg, Saint-Martin, and others, is borrowed from the Kabalah; all the Masonic associations owe to it their Secrets and Symbols.”
— Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, 33° freemason and founder of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

This so-called “light” is, in essence, reverence of Lucifer not as the devil, but as a liberator, a guardian or guiding spirit, or even the true god as opposed to God (YHWH).

Judeo-Masons are obsessed with Israel in the context of Solomon; but look at how Solomon was addressed in the Bible:

“The Lord was angry with Solomon, because his heart was turned from the Lord God of Israel.” — 1 Kings 11:9

The charge against Solomon was that ‘his heart was not perfect,’ or wholly devoted to the YHWH, that he ‘went not fully’ after the YHWH. His was a case of halting between two opinions, or rather, of trying to hold both at once. He wanted to be a worshiper of YHWH and of these idols also — It is clear to see how Satanic Freemasonry is a combined religion of pagan Gods and the Judaic God, this is why the elites identify as “Jews” today, but aren’t truly so.

Jewish Mysticism is not true Judaism, it’s a non-biblical offshoot of what is sanctioned in scripture. The entry of the Kabbalah— developed roughly around the 12th century, derived from the heretical, non-inspired text, the Talmud.

Solomon the Wise was an Israelite, he was a Jew, but he turned away from God (YHWH) and pursued Satanism. Solomon went after Ashtoreth the goddess of the Zidonians, a Goddess connected with fertilitysexuality, and war. Her symbols were the lion, the horse, the sphinx, the dove, and a star within a circle indicating the planet Venus. Pictorial representations often show her naked. She has been known as the deified morning and/or evening star (Luciferian symbology). Solomon also began to praise Moloch/Milcom/Molech (as the Judeo-Masonic Elites do annually at the Bohemian Grove). Solomon built a high place for Chemosh, the abomination of Moab, in the hill that is before Jerusalem, and for Molech, the abomination of the children of Ammon.

Look at the chest of this portrayal of Molech, the “Star of David” is clearly embossed in the metalwork. The “Israel” we see today is NOT Jewish!


The Star of David, (David, the visionary of Solomon’s Temple), is intertwined with Freemasonry’s square and compasses.

Judeo-Masonic Agenda.

Judeo-Masonic Ashkenazi “Jews” closest competitors, those most genetically similar to them, are Caucasian European whites. If whites are removed from the equation as a major demographic, then the genetic (and thus influence) gap will become wider than ever — this is what those in power are attempting to do; diminish “whiteness” in all its forms — they know the significant predictive role of race in political influence and socioeconomic systems, and are (understandably) putting all of their money into brainwashing people to be blind to this reality while carrying out their dysgenic agenda behind the scenes.

As a result of this agenda, such a dysgenic electorate will be more susceptible to emotional arguments, logical fallacies, compartmentalization, designed dialectics, irrationality, superstitions, hysteric trends, and so on — the funny thing is, we can already see how these “minority groups” are already predisposed to all of these things, yet are protected groups nonetheless — and, right before our eyes, are rapidly replacing whites in Western nations as the new dominant population with an army of liberal “progressives” employed to assure us that this will “enrich” us, all the evidence points to the contrary.

Varying intelligence: why collective thought will always have a place in human society, whether we like it or not.

It’s about mitigation — rather than hoping for a sociopolitical Utopia, I believe reasonable mitigation and sensible policy-making is enough to deliver a society that can flourish.

TL:DR — Just as individual thought will always exist relative to collective thought and vice versa; it’s a seesaw based on aforementioned factors. The further towards base consciousness a population gets the more negatively collectivist it becomes, taking on often bad ideas in lieu of their own.

The role of benevolent collectivism (such as the group-think religiosity of cultural and ethical Christianity) for susceptible groups is deliberately overlooked in postmodernist society — because certain globalist forces want to unilaterally over-represent in society genetically and/or culturally limited “individuals” that, on average, simply lack said mental faculties, know-how, background etc (due to numerous factors including historic inbreeding among many others) to represent themselves as capable individuals, and thus are more receptive to collectivism and the centralization of the state. They’re bending over backwards to represent these people: granting copious welfare, slanting society to the their defense against all sensibility, bringing in compelled speech and taboos, white guilt and so forth — it’s quite simply a bubble for a protected group, that, without such an outrageously preferential bubble – would not get very far at all.

The globalist elite want us to believe that “everyone is equal” to all other concerned citizens regardless of significant civilization-defining traits such as intelligence. Hence the ideological over-representation of Cultural Marxist ideology across all institutions owned by the trendsetters.

In lower IQ people — traits such as gullibility, a lack of receptiveness to rationality, and a predisposition towards unthinking group-think collectivism abounds, all this has a biological basis in race. Populations that operate at a more basic consciousness, i.e. concerned with R-brain matters such as sex, domination, resources on the group or individual basis, lacking the empathetic foresight to perceive and act upon wider concerns.

It is not entirely environmental as the Jew-funded Cultural Marxist institutions will insist.

Guess what? Europe will become a continent dominated by low IQ “individuals” that have just as much of a right to vote as rational, moral, and savvy individuals — the UK alone will become a Muslim country by 2050 if current demographic trends persist due to the proliferate compound nature of R-selective populations: by which point, proxy-totalitarianism will have a firmer foothold than ever.

This is bad news for the individual but great news for the centralized state.

If we look back to the societies that are today deemed “antiquated” and the “wrong side of history”, we can see various successful, influential classical societies and groups that practiced eugenics, Rome, Ashkenazi Jewry, ancient Greeks incl. Sparta, and so on. Even one of the Godfathers of philosophy, Plato, suggested the benefits selective mating to produce a guardian class.

Furthermore, we can see how Western Christian societies averted dysgenics by making legal provisions against birth of inferior human beings, this was notably promulgated in Western European culture by the Christian Council of Agde in 506, which forbade marriage between cousins. Something dysgenic populations never really did to an effective extent, the genetic rift thus widened.

Up until the mid-late 20th century, genetic discrimination such as compulsory sterilization of persons with genetic defects, the killing of the institutionalized and, specifically, segregation and genocide of races perceived as inferior was a wide societal norm, the accepted norm was that there are differences between certain groups of humans, whether we wanted to accept that or not for humanitarian reasons was, quite rightly, a secondary matter.

This article, while cautious to frame such practices and conventions as supremacist, malevolent, or otherwise, hopes to illustrate that a dysgenic society will lead to more suffering and conflict than a society with eugenicist practices ever will; and the evidence supports it.

Drawing the line as to what defines an “individual” in relation to sociopolitical systems.

Because a comprehensive system of natural selection no longer exists, (even culturally now) — the distinction between genetics that are passed on by merit and genetics passed on with the help of welfare and so on — is nonexistent, we have R-selective groups being able to pass on their genes where in a truly open, decentralized society this wouldn’t be able to happen.

In simple terms in application to political systems — smart people are often more individualist (thus, conservative and nationalistic), lower intelligence groups are less individualist (more predisposed to group-think, socialism), the role of mass-indoctrination may be able to net some fringes of higher intelligence groups but generally the core principle remains.

I propose we can relatively reliably categorize people into “capable individuals” and “incapable individuals”, largely reliably on the five racial groups and dysgenic/eugenic traits, gender, background, but also (albeit somewhat less reliably) within these groups based on class. (Cultural Marxism is all about denouncing the terms “categorical” or “general” but these are perfectly fine terms, used in the correct context).

While these assertions of justifiable partition certainly sounds collectivist and an affront to individual rights — race realism and the taxonomic significance between biological groups is founded in science; and a factor worthy of serious consideration when regarding any system of social and political arrangement.

I’ve written a whole article (called “the truth about racism”) detailing the significance of race and intelligence, so I won’t go into too much detail here, but here are a few points that help illustrate my argument:

If we cannot see the influence of race and IQ on upholding individual representation, we will fall to absolutist collectivist politics, especially as the “migrant crisis” rapidly undermines Western population of capable (higher IQ) individuals with incapable (lower IQ) individuals.

Representing the voting rights of incapable (low IQ) people is dangerous, I propose an IQ and general/applied knowledge test for eligibility to political vote. While this kind of test cannot determine moral character, at least it can determine intelligence.

Lower intelligence groups are almost always going to organize towards the characteristics of the mob, fragmentation, and group-think, whereas higher intelligence groups tend to represent their own thoughts and interpretations and have awareness of benevolent collectivism, thus shaking-off most inclinations to representing monolithic thought.

They will almost always make irresponsible, hysterical, passionate, and irrational decisions with their rights to liberty, democracy, and self-determination, by extension empowering the state; not themselves or the wider capable individual.

At a higher level of intelligence, the ability for someone to think for themselves increases, hence the commonality of individualism and democracy in Western nations occupied by races of higher overall IQ (even if Western democracies and systems that champion the individual are often subverted — the general attitude towards individualism is more common in people of higher intelligence than without).

In my opinion, this is where the role of independent collective thought such as the Bible comes in, while you can absolutely take on the teachings on your own terms, regardless of your intelligence — the importance of casting a collectivist thought process that engages with several fundamental principles such as “do not not steal”, “do not kill”, “do not lie lie”, etc based on the threat of eternal damnation is the only way to communicate to a group of people not (easily) able to operate on a rational level of thought, the Bible does this exquisitely, it uses the threat of death mixed in with something that cannot be possibly tangibly understood (a deity), the perfect enforcing combination for keeping susceptible populations in line.

The decline of Christianity as a (mostly) positive force of collectivist thought has spelled disaster for the West.

As Christianity has been mocked and destroyed in Western culture at the hands of Jewish influence, we see susceptible (lower intelligence) populations previously protected by the positive collective standards of the Bible now become receptive to new “progressive” hive-mind ideas, it really is one religion exchanged for another more materialistic one, this new nihilistic religion as Christianity’s replacement lacks any direction.

Instead, it opens vulnerable populations up to sophistic ideas that, ultimately, reduce essential liberties, that, without the safeguarding ideals of collectivist Biblical faith, have now been able to infiltrate and infect Western culture.



The Dangers of Mass Third World Migration

  • In order for a given population to maintain itself over 25 years, it must have a fertility rate (number of children born per woman) of 2.11
  • Europe’s white collective fertility rate stands at 1.38
  • Islamic/third world migrant fertility rates are above 8
  • Once the white fertility rate falls below 1 the white population will be in terminal decline

Demographic genocide.

The Genocide Convention defines genocide in part C of their Article 2 as:

“Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”

The primary means to achieving this end, is through mass third-world immigration, against the will of the people and the promotion of miscegenation. For immigration, citizens have to worry about whether they can afford to have kids, have a large enough home, etc. Immigrants drive down wages, drive up unemployment, and make neighborhoods unsafe to raise children, so people need more money to raise their children in a safer place. In contrast, immigrants receive welfare so they can have as many babies as they like and do not have to ask themselves whether they can afford it or not. The government pays the immigrants and takes care of it all, and if they need a bigger apartment, that is paid for by the government even if this happens to be a family with already fifteen children. This is a short term investment in a more favorable population for rule.

As the elites would have us believe, this is not an opportunity to remedy incidentally ‘falling western birthrates’, neither is it about ‘taking in the victims’ of war torn nations, this is by design, has long been in the planning — and has grave implications for genetic disparity between the ruling class and the newly forming ‘genetic underclass’ — whites once bridged the gap between the two, now the white genotype is set to be greatly reduced, made an electoral minority, and possibly even eliminated altogether.

If the elites truly wanted to boost Western populations they could launch pro-natal schemes to pay people to have more children — instead, they opt for total population replacement; using the false ‘migrant victim’ narrative to justify it.

Most people do not realize that Jews are the driving force behind the population replacement.

Supremacist ethnic Jews oppose white nationalism and support demographic genocide in white countries — at the same time they support Jewish nationalism and oppose non-Jewish-immigration into Israel.

This is for a few primary objectives:

  • The lower IQ a population possesses (i.e. third world populations), the easier it is to control and manipulate that population. It also widens the gap between Ashkenazi Jewish genes and the general population’s genes, giving the rulers a stronger foothold and more genetic centralization.
  • Ideal demographic: Third world migrants are an excellent way to steer a democracy; they are a pro-state, collectivist, and anti-liberty electorate; they will vote the way you want them to if you satisfy their material needs, this naturally supports globalism. First world populations are generally more value oriented and individualist, which naturally opposes globalism, hence the anti-white narrative being pushed.
  • Third world migrants often work lower pay jobs than Westerners, they will settle for lower standards.
  • Cultural genocide: dilute and eventually eliminate Western culture and all its anti-globalist attitudes.
Genetic centralization is real and dangerous.

The assertion that two polarized entities will acclimatize and not compromise the qualities of the affected entity is fallacious. We are not all innately ‘equal’, men are not born equal, not raised equal, and thus do not and will not live equally.

Once you change the people, you change the basics of a nation.

For example, if the Soviet Union had brought one million Somalis in back in 1956 to punish the Hungarian rebellion — then Hungary would be a lot worse off.

The streets would not be safe. And the Somalis would breed 10x the rate of native Hungarians and would gradually take over the country just like cancer does to a body.

It would be a potent form of demographic and cultural suppression, wiping out Hungarian nationalist sentiments and enabling the Soviets greater control over Hungary. Even if the Somalis weren’t typical ‘invaders’, their characteristics & ‘tabula rasa’ (blank slate) effect was a useful tool to the oppressive Soviet regime in neutralizing Hungarian nationalism and exercising demographic complicity in the regime.

The same principle translates to modern day European mass-migration.

If you get a large number of people of one genetic variant and culture and impose that group onto another genetically and culturally differing group you cannot expect the target group to remain unaffected.

Fortunately, the migrant narrative bubble doesn’t cover all of Europe; Eastern European nations such as Hungary maintain an anti-migrant attitude, partly thanks to their wariness of foreign entities and overreaching political unions after their extensive occupation by Soviet Russia, and going further back, the Ottoman empire.

“Europe is today incapable to protect its borders against unarmed invaders.”

— Viktor Orbán, Hungarian Prime Minister in 2015.
Weaponized demographic replacement used against Tibet.
The largest way today, encouraged by the United Nations, is a war of extermination against the European race as part of the New World Order agenda. Its formulation is closely linked to the cultural Marxist deconstructionism of the Frankfurt School.
The Dalai Lama called demographic genocide the Chinese government’s efforts to ship so many of its gigantic population to Tibet that the country and its people will be destroyed. This mention by the Dalai Lama is not considered racist, but when a person complains of the demographic genocide of Europeans, they are shouted down as “racist”, this is due to the Jewish-owned media and cultural influence creating such a narrative, which is absent in Tibet.

Order out of chaos: breaking down established cultural and genetic homogeneity.

The more you can divide and conquer by balkanizing the cultural composition of Western nations — the easier it will be to impose centralized globalist political unions like the EU.

In a matter of decades I believe the EU will be stronger than ever because the electorate across Europe will vote very differently due to the mass population replacement happening now — this is the long term strategy of the elites.

Vacating the middle east for Israeli expansion.

The strategic demographic population replacement in Europe can be traced back to the middle east where Israel is slowly expanding its borders — gradually occupying vacated, bombed-out areas, and populating them with Israelis.

The NATO ‘collateral damage’ bombing of civilian areas has forced many middle eastern natives to vacate their homelands; creating a regional vacuum ready to be seized by Israel’s territorial encroachment.

Anti-fertility strategies aimed at abolishing whiteness and changing the face of the human genome.

Many anti-fertility strategies have been deployed by Western elites to reduce the white population’s fertility rate, the goal being to get it below 1, which will eventually wipe out Caucasian genetics altogether, or make it a dwindling minority — this is covert genocide at every level.

“We’ll keep bashing the dead White males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the White race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed.”

“The goal of abolishing the White race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed White supremacists.”

— Noel Ignatiev, American author and historian. He is best known for his work on race and social class and for his call to abolish “whiteness”.

Fertility-targeting & anti-white strategies include, but are not limited to:

  • eroding the family structure,
  • undermining natural gender roles,
  • imposition of the welfare state as the new ‘provider’,
  • mass-introduction of fertility-reducing chemicals,
  • propagation of cultural white guilt & ‘white privilege’ ideologies,
  • encouragement of miscegenation over in-group reproduction,
  • making contraception widely available,
  • gender quotas for managerial roles,
  • promoting technology addiction, forces people to see the world in tunnel vision, divides & distracts society and reduces the birthrate,
  • asserting that white equals evil, it’s ‘not okay to be white’.
  • ‘body-acceptance’ to undermine natural & objective beauty standards,
  • encouragement of hedonism as opposed to traditional attitudes to sexual partners,
  • destruction of natural male and female archetypes,
  • portrayal of the white cis male as the ‘enemy’ and ‘oppressor’,
  • promotion of the gender wage gap as a reality and not a representation of innate gender preferences, gives the impression women are being held back and men are oppressors,
  • encouragement of LGBT intended to confuse and divide the genders, links into and justifies the chemical gender-bending occurring in the background,
  • promotion of the need for ‘diversity’ and ‘cultural enrichment’,
  • promotion of the working woman that ‘don’t need no man’, promoting the anti-human idea of men as domesticated and women as the providers,
  • promoting the idea of domestic wives as an antiquated & oppressive idea,
  • mass-reduction of testosterone in men,
  • arguing that women need to ‘toughen up’ and prove that they are ‘just as good as men’,
  • promotion of the imaginary problems of ‘the patriarchy’, ‘rape culture’ and ‘cultural sexism’,
  • criticizing innate male characteristics as ‘oppressive’, i.e. hysteria over mansplaining and manspreading,
  • promoting, without evidence, the conspiracy of all white men as ‘evil misogynistic oppressors’, yet saying the evident mass-centralization of economic power is a ridiculous ‘conspiracy theory’,
  • criticizing innate female characteristics as ‘submissive’,
  • promotion and acceptance of androgynization of society; men as feminine and women as masculine and anything in-between — except, of course, archetypal genders themselves,
  • capitalist and western hatred, portraying western people as historic oppressors, ignoring the fact every race has committed atrocities and has sought expansion,
  • calling all skepticism of ‘progressive’ topics as misogynistic, xenophobic, racist or any combination of such snarl words,
  • flooding academia, media, politics and every other Jewish-owned establishment with these talking points,
  • characterization of white individualism and nationalism as segregationist and antiquated,
  • priming migrant populations: creating racial tensions to prevent assimilation with western ideals as much as possible. Megabanks go in to Third World countries and create education programs for the nonwhites that teach them to have total, homicidal hatred of all white people. The programs also teach them to hate capitalism,
  • the programs then teach the nonwhites that they must go to white countries and they must capture these countries, take over the government, and create a ‘New World Order’, (objective of the Jews). This is taught in Mexico, Nigeria, Venezuela, Sudan, South Africa and most Third World countries, particularly, black, mestizo, and Muslim countries,
  • the facilities then give them ID cards (allowing them to vote) and set them up on full welfare – more than a US citizen gets on social security – and then large potions of that money is skimmed and given back to the organized crime groups. The US border patrol even said in 2016, “We’ve been ordered to complete the smuggling process.”,
  • artificial reduction of white population IQ by deployment of chemical substances,
  • claiming Western nations were originally nations of ‘immigrants’, completely ignoring the genetic argument,
  • claim race does not exist, totally ignore the science behind it
  • promotion of the migrant & minority victim narrative,
  • promotion that only white people have to stop breeding because of human overpopulation while the R-selective nonwhites, who are the real cause of overpopulation, can breed as much as they want,
  • over-representation of race relations and ‘white oppressor’ subjects in schools,
  • and so on.

Anything that reduces the white birthrate and promotes dissension between the races, cultures & sexes.

The promotion of white extinction while promoting migrant populations as the replacement is seen throughout Jewish-owned media.

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IQ Experts Pessimistic About Effects of Migration on Europe’s Genetic Future

Richard Lynn, English psychologist and author in 2007 stated that he was pessimistic regarding the future of Western societies in particular due to the dysgenic effects of the large scale mass immigration to Western countries. Stating that before the end of 21st century White populations will become minorities in their own countries if current trends continue.

“Yet this huge demographic catastrophe has been barely noticed by the media, and anyone who mentions it is considered as a “far right racist”.”

He even went as far as stating that:

“I believe the best hope for the future of civilization lies with the Chinese and Japanese. They have not been infected with the virus of Political Correctness, and they are not admitting large numbers of immigrants. They have low fertility but this is not too much of a problem for the present and can probably be corrected in the future by paying people to have children. These are highly intelligent peoples and will probably carry the torch of civilization when it is extinguished in the United States, Canada, and Europe.”

The IQ researcher Helmuth Nyborg wrote in 2012 that:

The bleak situation is characteristic of the rest of Europe too, perhaps with Eastern Europe as an exception. […] Ethnic Europeans will soon be wiped out of their own countries by this ever-expanding colossal demographic transition. Their national average IQs go down in the process, and when an average national IQ of 90 is reached, down go also their democracies and welfare. This also happens to European-Americans in the US. […] To sum up, not only Denmark but Europe and the US get dumber by internal dysgenic decay and by northbound mass-immigration. This will have catastrophic consequences for Western democracy and welfare, but non-Western countries will also suffer. Unfortunately, most ruling (left- or right-oriented) Western leaders are not only seriously misguided by the illusion of equality but also blatantly ignorant of biological realities, so they can’t see the elephant in the room. They eventually will, but that will be beyond the point of no return.”[54]

From Metapedia.