Write With Us

We invite you to write with us! Please send in a story through the ‘Contact‘ page, and if approved, it will be published. If you keep sending us great content you will be invited to become a regular columnist.

What to write about?

Anything alternative news related. This can be past, current, or future affairs. Think international relations, political theory, or alternative health as a starting point — the world is your oyster.

How to write it?

It could be straight to the point, or a more lengthy piece. Any kind of article or delivery is allowed, whether that is exclusively, or a combination of the following forms:

  • Opinion piece: perspective, opinion, and commentary.
  • Original research: your own findings, please list sources.
  • Review: balancing up the pros and cons, coming to a conclusion.
  • Essay: more long-winded, deeper analysis.

Other styles.

  • Human Interest: Many feature stories focus on an issue as it impacts people. They often focus on one person or a group of people.
  • Profile: This feature type focuses on a specific individual’s character or lifestyle. This type is intended to help the reader feel like they’ve gotten a window into someone’s life.
  • Instructional: How-to articles teach readers how to do something. Oftentimes, the writer will write about their own journey to learn a task.
  • Historical: Features that honor historical events or developments are quite common. They are also useful in juxtaposing the past and the present, helping to root the reader in a shared history.
  • Seasonal: Some articles are perfect for writing about in certain times of year.
  • Behind the Scenes: These features give readers insight into an unusual process, issue or event. It can introduce them to something that is typically not open to the public or publicized.

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